On tonights Teen Tournament finale, a 4 winners from a rough rounds battled a single some-more time in a Chopped kitchen. This final fight for a finish would establish a winner of a $25,000 esteem as good as a coveted title, which is flattering great for a teen still in high school. The immature chefs once again faced challenging baskets along with a building pressure of a ticking timer as good as a judges critiques. Creativity, display as good as season would establish a results as a most appropriate immature chef rose to a tip with 3 courses worth a win.The BasketsAppetizer: mussels, cipollini onions, confetti popcorn, merguez sausageEntree: prime rib, flue cakes, dusty crabs, okraDessert: a gelatin fishbowl, mangoes, graham crackers, cream cheeseElimination DetailsFirst round: GabrielSecond round: LyannaFinal round: KamrynWinner: ElianaJudges: Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Geoffrey ZakarianLike in her rough round, Eliana motionless to show off a small by creation Filipino egg roll wrappers from scratch. Although it worked out terrifically, she failed to seal a rolls good sufficient to prevent a stuffing from descending out during frying. Working with prime rib in a snack turn was zero brand new for Eliana; she took a opportunity to feature a spice rub done from a dusty crabs, which a judges unequivocally enjoyed, but there were a small inconsistencies with a in progress of a meat. The dessert turn proved to be a foreboding come true, as Eliana dreamed shed find mangoes in a basket, so she dipped into her roots as good as incited out a Filipino dessert, which Amanda called textbook. In a end Eliana did some-more than sufficient to secure herself a win as good as a $25,000 grand prize. She leaves as a Chopped Teen Champion.What have been we feeling right now? Whats starting by your mind?Eliana: we dont know. Its only so many different, like, emotions have been using through, like, overwhelmed, excited as good as happy. Its only amazing.What would we contend your genius was similar to preparing for todays finale?Eliana: we consider my genius currently was only to stay focused as good as keep a calm sense as good as only do what we know as good as do it well, as good as we consider we unequivocally did which as good as we only showed who we am.You looked unequivocally focused in every round, like, we were unequivocally concentrating.Eliana: Yeah, we stayed flattering focused, concentrated, we guess youd only contend serious.How would we review competing this time to a final round?Eliana: This time we consider a stakes were a lot higher given we was essentially in a Chopped kitchen for [the] genuine $25,000. Before, a stakes were only to essentially get to a grand finale. And a competitors were unequivocally unequivocally intense, because, we mean, they had all won their own episodes as good as their own rounds, so we know which they unequivocally had a small skill.Out of a alternative 3 immature chefs, did we see anybody in sold as your biggest competition?Eliana: You know, out of all of them, we feel similar to they were all unequivocally big competitors, especially given Gabriel as good as Lyanna both have Latino or Hispanic backgrounds. Were all kind of in which same boat, so we was kind of only anticipating we werent all starting to prepare a same thing. We were only kind of talking as good as thinking, Oh, my gosh, thatd be so funny were all only starting to go as good as have mofongo.You done a Filipino dish in your appetiser as good as dessert rounds, which Amanda forked out as well. Was which healthy for we to bring out your heritage?Eliana: we consider its only kind of healthy for me to make use of my heritage with my style of cooking. we only concentration upon my nationalities as good as bring which out in my food, as good as we unequivocally did which with each round. In a first turn for appetiser we did a lumpia. we mean, thats something which Ive grown up with my total life, as good as everyone unequivocally enjoys it as good as loves it. we consider creation which was unequivocally a huge risk given Ive essentially never done lumpia wrappers before. So, it was unequivocally a giant risk we took, especially being here in a Chopped kitchen, but it unequivocally incited out unequivocally well. we was unequivocally happy with them.For entrees we did boiled okra, which is something thats unequivocally classic in New Orleans have which all a time. And its unequivocally a only approach we similar to to have okra, so Im blissful we did it. we was essentially kind of concerned to see what they thought of Kamryns okra as well, given we know which we both boiled our okra, so we was meditative Oh, my gosh, its starting to go down to a okra as good as cave doesnt have sufficient beat upon it. And we was only kind of freaking out a small bit. And afterwards dessert we brought it back to Filipino, as good as its similar to we said before, its kind of weird, but we dreamt which we had mango in my dessert basket as good as we was starting to have mango boyant as good as afterwards we did. So, which was flattering crazy. It was similar to a premonition, but it was awesome, as good as Im so blissful which we done that, as good as its only a single of those desserts which we adore as good as which Ive often grown up with.What have been we starting to do with a esteem money, as good as do we consider youll take any of Geoffreys recommendation to transport more?Eliana: we unequivocally consider Ill take a small of Chef Geoffreys advice: travel, go to a small extraordinary restaurants. Ill probably provide myself as good as my family to a unequivocally nice meal. we consider thatd be awesome. And begin my spice company. Its something Ive been wanting to do for seven years, ever given we was 8 years old, so we consider which its time, as good as its starting be awesome.Do we consider this win will assistance we grasp your goals for a future?Eliana: we unequivocally consider this win will assistance me grasp my dreams as good as goals which Ive had my total life. This moneys unequivocally starting to assistance with that, grasp what we want, as good as its starting to be extraordinary to see how everything plays out.