In a penultimate part of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, a recruits faced their final Skill Drill as well as Main Dish hurdles which would exam how good they could interpret a recipe as well as prepare without their coach present. Last seasons leader as well as runner-up, Jenni JWoww Farley as well as Kendra Wilkinson, respectively, showed up to lend a little assistance to Anne Burrell as well as Rachael Ray too. At a end, a mentors would have to choose which recruits gave them a most appropriate possibility of winning in a finale, which meant there would be a double elimination. Find out who got separated from Rachaels Blue Team below, as well as get a exit interview from Annes Red Team recruit here.This competition proved to be a roller-coaster ride for John, who had many moments of success as well as only as many, if not more, moments of failure. Last week he cut his finger so unequivocally bad in a Elimination plea which it looked as yet it would be a finish of a road. But he had a single some-more possibility this week to prove to Rachael he could be a a single to represent her in a finale. In a recipe fill-in-the-blank Skill Drill, neither he nor Loni comprehended a recipe. But things looked similar to they would go improved in a Main Dish pasta-making challenge. Unfortunately John got flustered again as well as messed up his recipe by putting herbs in a pasta salsa instead of a filling. However, Loni didnt do most better, which made Rachaels decision all a harder. The coach chose to go with a recruit who progressed some-more consistently, as well as which was Loni. John left a competition with $5,000 for his charity, Casa Hogar.First of all, hows your finger?John Henson: My fingers alright. Ill live.When which collision happened, did which shake up up your confidence?JH: we dont know if it shook up my certainty as most as it was burdensome to go through a very, very long day as well as afterwards have to go to a hospital as well as afterwards get sewn up, as well as afterwards we had to go see a specialist. It was arrange of a straw which broke a camels back in terms of my capability to rally. we was repelled how formidable it was for me to sustain my energy as well as focus today. This was draining physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as this kind of only heightened all that.How would we sum up your finish time here upon a show?JH: Oh, it was fantastic. It was a sum home run. we feel similar to Ive won. we mean, we never expected creation it this far, as well as some-more than anything a exciting part about this is all which we learned, we get to keep. The part which we unequivocally struggled with was a time imprisonment as well as allowing which to affect my methodical process. When we go home, we dont have a ticking time clock; we dont have people yelling during me. we can have all these dishes. The plea for me was creation it in a sure volume of time, as well as when we go home, we get to relax as well as suffer it more, so Im vehement to let these skills breathe as well as go home as well as begin playing with them.What messed we up upon a Main Dish plea where we got to a point which we were only putting things upon a floor instead of using a bins? You were known for removing improved during cleaning as we progressed in a competition.JH: Its only a lot starting on, man. We all schooled so most which Im happy which we plated a plate which tasted good. The plate came out, we made a little mistakes, though it wasnt a finish as well as sum debacle where we couldnt get something plated. we consider when we begin piling upon all these additional hurdles as well as meals as well as things similar to that, it unequivocally its challenging to compensate attention to a excellent details. And cleaning my station was something which we lacked a bit.How was a experience of working with Rachael? What do we take away from that?JH: we venerate Rachael. Shes fantastic. She was so sweet, so nurturing. And she gave me every opportunity to succeed. Im unhappy which we couldnt come through for her, though we unequivocally do believe which Loni is a most appropriate possibility for a Blue Team to win, so Im all during peace with it. we went over than we expected, as well as Im anxious with all a things Ive learned.Do we consider which after coming here, did we accomplish what we longed for to do, as well as do we feel starting home right away which youre during a improved place in a kitchen?JH: Oh, its night as well as day. we mean, it unequivocally is night as well as day. Before we felt similar to a bit of a hack in a kitchen, as well as right away we feel similar to Ive got a real baseline of skills which Im vehement to fool around around with, as well as we unequivocally do believe which this will change a approach my family eats forever.What was a camaraderie similar to with all a alternative celebs?JH: God, man, a people here, which was similar to substantially a greatest part of this total thing was a people which we got to outlay time with. Both teams, unequivocally honestly, as well as especially as we got down to a end, we know, a little good cooks went out. we consider Matt Dallas could have finished very good had he been able to stay around. Mike is a unusual cook, Nikki is a unusual cook, Loni is a unusual cook, Mindy is a good cook. So, hopefully in further to a cooking skills which Ill keep, Ill keep those friendships as well.Do we have any difference of recommendation for your teammate Loni?JH: Loni doesnt need my advice. Lonis a unusual cook; shes laser-focused. She is a most appropriate possibility which a Blue Team has of winning. The final thing Loni needs is my help. we indispensable Lonis help. Lonis great, man. Shes starting to do wonderful.When we first talked, we referred to which we longed for to take down Nicole, so what are your wishes for her?JH: Nikki as well as we are so, so close. Shes a single of my closest friends. She unequivocally is a single of my most appropriate friends, as well as we longed for to kick her only for bragging rights, though a law is we have so most apply oneself for her cooking skills. we consider a two right people ended up in a finals, as well as we instruct her a most appropriate of luck. Shes got difficult competition in Loni.Watch a culmination of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition upon Wednesday, Nov. 2 during 9|8c.