Sundays have been for the lot of things: watching football, assisting produce out homework as well as may be even doing some dreaded laundry. Theyre also best spentin the kitchen, when we have the small some-more time than usual. This week, have make use of of your Sunday to get the head start upon this weeks in progress by fixing the single of the the one preferred make-ahead recipes that we can cooknow as well as offer later.Some recipes get improved as well as improved the longer we let them sit in the refrigerator as well as lasagna is the single of them. With time, the flavors get the possibility to mix together, agreeable the single totally hearty as well as flavorful dish when we get the possibility to carve in to it. Spend the afternoon making Food Network MagazinesSpinach Lasagna with Mushroom Ragu (pictured above), that boasts the satisfying meatiness but any meat. Since we can assemble this vegetarian, spinach-laced casserole the day forward as well as refrigerate, we can also consider it the weekday win.Now that summer is technically kaput, weve already got dish upon the brain. A Sunday can be considered well-spent when Giada De Laurentiis heartyChicken Stewis simmering upon the stove,brimming with morsels of chicken, hearty kidney beans as well as corpulent vegetables. Once its finished cooking, let it cool down before storing it in the refrigerator for the makings of an easy-breezy Monday-night meal.With layers of proposal chicken, gooey cheeses, as well as enchilada sauce made from poblano peppers, tomatillos as well as cumin, Rachael RaysRoast Chicken Enchilada Suizas Stacked Casseroleis the fix-ahead winner with the flog of heat. Plus, if we roast two chickens at once, we can have make use of of just the single for the recipe as well as save the other for the destiny meal.Do yourself the favor as well as cook the meaty ground sirloin filling peaked with brown sugar as well as sour red booze vinegar for RachaelsSuper Sloppy Joesahead. That way, all we have to do is reheat it as well as pile it intosoft hamburger buns to enjoy the kid-friendly classical during the week.Maybe were the small as well excited about gettingon the dish train, but weve got another hearty recipe thats the genuine winner when it comes to do-ahead dish prep. This classicBeef Stewcooks low as well as delayed in the oven until the beef is fall-apart proposal as well as the hearty veggies have been enriched with the thick, savory gravy. From there, we can let it cool as well as consider it Mondays dinner.Though destiny we will thank current we for your restraint, itll be difficult to resist diving in to this heartyThree-Bean as well as Beef Chilias soon as it finishes cooking. Nearing 400 sky-high reviews, it has all youd want out of the chili recipe as well as its good for we too.For some-more game-changing ways to get ahead, dig in to the the one preferred big-batch recipe picks that we can have now as well as solidify for later.