Friday night a slew of well-fed food fans were drawn to a late-night celebration emceed by Diners, Drive-Ins as well as Dives host Guy Fieri during a New York City Wine & Food Festival. The initial iteration of a late-night trivia event, pitting star opposite star, appeared during a South Beach Wine & Food Festival in February. Guy was unapproachable to announce which this was Round 2, only bigger, improved as well as with more booze. Guys ever-present energy ricocheted off a walls as he riled up a throng for a row of Food Network stars, distributing drinks privately prior to introducing a two teams. Carla Hall, Josh Capon as well as Valerie Bertinelli faced off opposite Chopped judges Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy as well as Scott Conant. Food Fight with Guy Fieri was a singular possibility for a attendees to see a Food Network stars unedited as well as unfiltered.The initial round was a sincerely tame diversion of Two Truths as well as a Lie. This popular bar diversion puts forth 3 statements, two of which have been loyal as well as one which is a lie. The teams then had to determine which statements about a opposing teams members were lies. The most-revealing aspects of a diversion were which Marc never went to college as well as which Scott doesnt essentially hatred onions only raw onions.Truths: Carla Hall met her father upon Scotts biggest inspiration is a Fonz. Alex loves Formula One racing.Next, a trivia bout fast turned in to a party, as Chef Anne Burrell as well as Food Network Star leader Justin Warner assimilated a teams to help them answer questions which included: What masculine animal can get pregnant? What have been Rhiannas as well as Drakes genuine names? How many years has a Festival been running?Answers: Seahorse, Robyn as well as Aubrey, as well as nine.The finale was a blindfolded omelet cook-off between Carla as well as Alex which ended with an unsurprising result: Iron Chef Alex pulled off a win. Carlas omelet was flawlessly executed but lacked enough seasoning as well as a full of health dose of bourbon which Marc added to Alexs.In a end, Food Fight with Guy Fieri was only similar to those blindly baked omelets. Was it perfect? No. Was it pretty? No. Was it fun? Absolutely. And as Friday turned to Saturday as well as Ubers lined up to packet a sap home, who cared who won? In all probity it was substantially Josh somehow, since a six-time burger champ seems to win everything.More from a 2016 New York City Wine & Food Festival:The 10 Most-Comforting Fall Flavors We Tasted during Katie as well as Marcelas Harvest PartyThe 7 Best Things We Ate during Annes Aperitivo! Event during a New York City Wine & Food FestivalBurger Bash 2016 Winners: Davids Cafe as well as Black Tap Craft Burgers & BeerThe 9 Best Bites from Giadas Ultimate Italian Dinner during a New York City Wine & Food FestivalEverything We Couldnt Get Enough of during Chelsea Market LiveTacos & Tequila: The Peoples Food