With a matter as confidant as which from Alton Brown, youre likely expecting a challenge in question to be shocks of electricity, a cage-fighting match or a appliance which would (nearly) paralyze a chefs, right? Were happy to report which nothing of those sabotages done an coming during tonights all-new special judges episode of Cutthroat Kitchen. Instead, what Alton deemed to be my finest harm of all time was nothing more than a makeshift sofa in a dingy, dimly lit holding area, where a single judge had to sit. How bad could which be? Well, it turns out which it was bad sufficient to in conclusion severe threat Simon Majumdar as well as just about guarantee Antonia Lofasos win in Round 3.You know how judges are sequestered in soundproof chambers during a cooking rounds? Antonia outlayed more than $15,000 to force Simon to occupy which dreaded space whilst Alton voiced a Round 3 dish. That meant which Simon, once he was authorised back in a arena, had no preference though to follow Antonia by a pantry as well as attempt to mirror her prep stairs in a hopes of producing a assigned plate a brownie sundae or during least something identical to it. Ultimately, though, Antonias self-described master plan to trip up Simon worked: While she incited out a brownie-like chocolate cake, Simon presented a judge of a day, Eric Greenspan, with a fruit-based dessert with hot chocolate upon a side.Click a fool around button upon a video above to watch Alton, Simon, Antonia as well as Eric come together upon a After-Show as well as relate this doozy of a sabotage, as well as get Altons take upon Simons place in Round 3.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesdays during 9|8c.