By Lauren HaslettYou know what kind of quick food we reach for after a late night. But have been a rest of a folks in your state upon a same page as you?Foursquare Swarmand City Guide apps recently gathered a total lot of interpretation for us upon that fast-food restaurants people in each state of a good republic revisit a most. And a results competence surprise you.Nearly 50 percent of states a whopping 24 of them cite Chick-fil-A above all else. West Virginia is between that group, though its unique in that it has two tip picks: Chick-fil-A as well as Sheetz. You may not be familiar with Hawaiis a one preferred fast-food spot: Zippys Makiki, that is a sequence formed upon a islands. Not surprisingly, McDonalds is well represented, with seventeen states liking that mark best. If we wish to check out your home states a one preferred fast-food indulgence, just take a closer demeanour at a map above.A note upon a methodology from Foursquare:These have been a most-popular fast-food restaurants in each state, according to interpretation from a Foursquare Swarm as well as City Guide apps. We reviewed every states 10 most-popular fast-food joints, afterwards dynamic a sequence with a most visits in a past year. The venue thats highlighted is a top-visited of that sequence in each state.