With so most focus upon executing a all-important turkey, mashed potatoes as well as casseroles, its mostly easy to overlook what comes subsequent upon Thanksgiving, after a prep work is done: a actual eating of a turkey, potatoes as well as casseroles, of course. With eating comes drinking, especially around a holidays, as well as only as we invested time in formulation an epic feast, so too can we find an extra-special booze to round out a meal. Recently we caught up with Alex Guarnaschelli at an eventuality in New York City in which she partnered with Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines to showcase her secrets for transforming turkey-day leftovers with Woodbridge wines. The Iron Chef as well as Chopped judge was quick to point out which there are no hard-and-fast manners for both celebration as well as cooking with wine.You write a order book as well as then we only mangle it, she pronounced of pairing booze with Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys one of those things. In a way, we would almost say we could do a platter of a white beef as well as a small bit of stuffing as well as a little immature bean casserole, as well as have a nice, crisp Chardonnay. Then we could go in a alternative direction: Take a little of a dark meat, a little cranberry sauce, a little stuffing as well as have a potion of Cabernet Sauvignon, she explained, adding which there are possibilities for personal preference. Depending upon how we lay out your plate, we could unequivocally drink either.For cooking with wine, Alex looked to a versatility of both red as well as white varieties to dress up her Thanksgiving leftovers as well as spin them in to all-new meals estimable of a holiday. Guests at a eventuality watched as she used a hefty dash of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Chardonnay to add physique as well as flavor to her Parmesan cheese sauce, which would be drizzled atop a gravy-soaked turkey which adorned ready-to-go spinach phyllo bites. The pass to regulating a booze in this instance as well as in alternative recipes, she remarkable is letting it reduce so a alcohol has a chance to bake off. This way a bold ambience of a booze remains, but a raw bite, she explained, is gone. Similarly, she put a Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon to work in a crispy potato dish, layered with buttery leftover stuffing as well as served with a marked down red wine-mustard salsa for a tangy, well-rounded taste.Ready to try your palm at Thanksgiving leftovers? Check out our collection of top recipes for utilizing in next-day meals a turkey, veggies as well as desserts which remain from a large feast.