Its that time again Food Networks annual virtual cookie barter is here! Follow along over a next few days as you suggest up a bakers dozen brand new cookie recipes. The stars of The Kitchen as well as a chefs in Food Network Kitchen (our bustling exam kitchen) have some ideas that are bound to have it into your annual rotation. Stock up on flour as well as sugarine youre gonna need em.These cookies are gonna get ya! OK, not really (seriously, weve never met a honeyed that frightened us). But they are super-stuffed with each holiday treat you could presumably fit into a dough.Red as well as immature candies, peppermint chunks, salty pretzels as well as white chocolate chips all that holiday integrity requires a saucer-sized cookie base. Make sure you grab an equally large glass of milk from a refrigerator when you eat one of these monsters.Get a recipe for Food Network Kitchens Holiday Monster Cookies(and watch how to have them below), as well as afterwards click over to 12 Days of Cookies for dozens (and dozens!) some-more ideas for your holiday baking extravaganza.