Six weeks ago, twelve wannabe bakers sealed up to be whipped into figure upon Worst Bakers in America. After difficult pie-making, cake-baking, doughnut-frying as well as wedding-topper-decorating challenges, among others, dual bakers proved to their mentors which they could quarrel to the finish. On the Blue Team, Samantha rose to the tip with her attention to detail; upon the Red Team, Carla bolted forward with her illusory flavors. All which separated the dual from winning $25,000 was the single final baking plea for the panel of sweets experts. FN Dish has the talk with the winning baker.Former Worst Cooks competitor-turned-Worst Bakers contender Carla Johnson walked away with the win as well as $25,000 to have her dreams come true. No the single could have guessed Carla would have it this far, not even her own mentor, Lorraine. But Carla came behind after each challenge, some-more dynamic to prove everyone wrong. Every time she did, her flavors spoke for themselves. Despite not being the most appropriate decorator, Carla managed to put out 3 honeyed treats doughnuts, the baked sweat bread as well as the baked sweat bread in the final plea which impressed in demeanour as well as flavor.Thinking behind to day the single when we sealed up for Worst Bakers in America, did we ever consider which youd get this distant in the competition?Carla Johnson: Oh, my God. Im so gratified with myself which we could even do this which we could lift it off. we didnt consider we was starting to get this far.What finished we decide to come behind to Boot Camp given youve already finished Worst Cooks in America?CJ: Because we had an knowledge when we came here the final time, as well as we had the same knowledge this time. we mislaid my mom the initial time. we couldnt see my approach what to do next. So, it was the single day we had interviewed for Worst Cooks as well as they pronounced yes, as well as so we went. we had the good time the unequivocally good experience, love, await from the cast which was upon there from Bobby Flay to Anne Burrell. It was only an overwhelming, we am somebody experience. And afterwards we indispensable which knowledge again. So, we saw Worst Bakers, as well as we said, Oh, my god, we know we need the knowledge again, since we had mislaid my encourage children. They went home to their mom, so we was feeling alone again. Even though we have kids, we know, they live in their own house, though we was starting to be alone again, as well as we was kind of frightened to take which step to be alone again. You guys saved my life again so we could get the new experience. So, we got here. And we know which we love sweets, we can discuss it by my size, though we cannot lift them off. we do all feign as well as bake. So, we knew we couldnt lift the real baked sweat bread or the real stuff off, though we was fervent to learn, as well as plus, we longed for to be here for the experience, as well as so the knowledge taught me this time which we can cling to on; we can be by myself. Even though Im upon husband number five, Im important. we can be used to illuminate other people. So, thats what finished me come back.What was it similar to working with Duff as well as Lorraine?CJ: Duff is gorgeous. He doesnt know which we know which hes gorgeous. Hes large too. He got the little poufy face hes so cute. But Lorraine, as soon as we showed her my dish, she was like, Youre the liar. And we was like, Oh, my god, shes only busting my burble all the approach around. we cant even be bubbly, we know, we cant do anything which Ive done; we have to be honest with whatever we cook, as well as we need that. we indispensable which fortify to assistance me. And so once she called me upon my initial lie as well as my second lie, we was like, we need her. So we said, she has self-esteem, since shes unequivocally flattering as well as thin as well as she takes caring of her body, as well as we need that. we need to get rid of this weight prior to it kills me, actually. You know, since Im overweight, we got high red blood pressure, we got diabetes as well as may be she can, we know, shes only got self-respect as well as we only longed for to say, OK, we wish her.What was the biggest doctrine we learned from her?CJ: The biggest doctrine we learned from her is to listen. Whether its in the kitchen or if we consider we know something, still listen.Did we skip Bobby?CJ: You know we missed my Bobby Flay. we was anticipating he was starting to pop in as well as go: Carla, here we am, baby boo. we aint married. So, yeah, of march we do, as well as Anne Burrell, though him of course. we would have loved to see him.What was it similar to working with the other bakers? Was there the little foe starting on? What was it similar to being with the different set of people?CJ: It was the good competition, since right away Im upon the Red Team. So, right away it was the good competition. we graduated to the Red Team. we think, Anne is despotic too. She has some point of fortify too. It was foe [and] emancipation all in one, as well as we had to have it. we had to do my best.Thinking behind to your use day, how did all go for you? Did any of the recipes be concerned you?CJ: we was horrified with the fondant. Fondant. Ive been job it fondue they eventually prepared me. So, with the fondant, we was absolutely ashamed with it. we had the hard time sleeping which night, as well as we only couldnt grasp putting it over the cake, since the baked sweat bread was so big humongous. we was unequivocally frightened about which cake.How were we feeling the sunrise of the finale? What was starting through your mind?CJ: Oh, my God. we was: OK, if we go home as well as we dont win this, Im OK. we came here. God, its the smashing blessing. God, he only does all kinds of things. we indispensable the vacation; he gave me the vacation. we didnt have to pay for nothing. we was only like: OK, God, if we give it to this immature lady here, Samantha, OK, God, thats your will. And if we dont get it, guess what? Ill be behind to Worst Cooks. Ill only send to Worst Cooks as well as try it again until we learn something.And how did the total day go for you?CJ: So, in the initial part of the sunrise we was really, unequivocally nervous. we knew we had to get which fondant upon which cake, as well as when we told Chef Lorraine we couldnt do it, we didnt have the giving up similar to we was giving up; we had a, Come on, lets try to do something else with this cake. we need to do what we need to do most appropriate so we can wow these judges. And afterwards once she pronounced we can get rid of which fondant, we was cool. we said, woo hoo! we was the happy camper. So, we did the baked sweat bread as well as it only was beautiful, as well as so we felt unequivocally good after that. we felt assured. we felt responsible, similar to to my cakes as well as my pie, to do them justice, as well as afterwards to the chef we was proving which she was the good teacher. And, yes, she was.What was starting through your mind when they voiced we won?CJ: Oh, my God! Before they voiced it, the immature lady was talking about my baked sweat bread as well as we only proposed crying, since she favourite it. Most of the time, we take the baked sweat bread as well as people eat dual or 3 pieces of baked sweat bread out of it as well as they chuck it out. She loved it. When they called my name as well as they said, You won, all we could consider was to say: Thank you, God. Thank you, Chef Lorraine. Oh, my God, we unequivocally did this. we only did it. we only proposed screaming as well as hollering as well as jumping all over everybody. Hugging as well as kissing no, no, no kissing, only hugging, since Bobby wasnt there though we got lots of hugging, lots of hugging.What does it meant for we to win, as well as what do we plan to do with the winnings?CJ: What it equates to for me to win was, OK, so we can assistance now. we can unequivocally assistance somebody now. we had my dual nephews as well as my niece, as well as we had them for almost the year as well as the half. They only left me in Jun Jun the 13th was their final day of being with me, as well as their lives evolved with me in their lives with amicable workers of march as well as therapists, though we played the vicious part in that. So, what we definitely wish to do with the loot is get my own solemn living, my own residence for people to come to as well as mend. This approach we can put the down payment upon the residence as well as own my own residence so nobody wont have the contend of who lives in the house. So, it would be the place for people which didnt have the home to come take the shower as well as for kids which dont have any place to go can come to my home, as well as even after theyre eighteen they can come to my home as well as say, Hey, we got the place until we get upon my feet. Thats what we wish to do with the money.