Each week Food Network Star finalists have been tasked with putting their personalities upon a image in inspiring, creative and, perhaps most importantly, delicious ways. Most competitors manage to get a pursuit done, though in any sold plea there's mostly just a small handful of rivals who attain in creating a dish so considerable that it's worthy of a win. This week Jernard, Monterey as well as Yaku teamed up as well as wowed a panel with their ability to reinvent commonly tossed kitchen scraps, such as carrot tops as well as broccoli stems, in to wow-worthy dishes, as well as together they warranted feat in a Mentor Challenge. Check out their winning recipes below, afterwards click here to crop all a mentors' top picks of plates from Season 12 as well as Star Salvation so far.Rainbow Chard as well as Carrot Stem Pesto (pictured above)Instead of regulating everyday basil to have pesto, Jernard repurposes chard greens as well as carrot tops to have a vibrant reduction with crunchy pine nuts as well as Parmesan.Sea Bass with Roasted Cauliflower PureeFollow Monterey's lead by office building layers of flavor in a vegetable puree: Caramelize chopped cauliflower cores, afterwards whirl them in a blender with a splash of rich chicken stock.Beef as well as Broccoli Stem SoupJust a discerning deep-fry is all it takes to frail up thinly sliced broccoli stems. These craveable chips lend a acquire punch to Yaku's robust beef-based soup.Related Reading:One-on-One with a Latest Finalist to Go HomeWatch Star SalvationAlex's New Star ReportTop Moments of Episode 4Go Behind a ScenesTune in to Food Network Star upon Sundays at 9|8c.