Closing out a New York City Wine & Food Festival week end was Lucky Chopsticks, a pan-Asian setupreminiscent of a bustling night markets of Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos, India as well as more. Hosted by Andrew Zimmern (who himself worked a booth), a event was a delicious reminder of what happens when an heterogeneous operation of cultures come together to applaud great food.The bar featured an form of sakes from Gekkeikan (a brewery based in Kyoto), ranging from a light as well as acidic Tokubetsu Junmai-shu to a some-more robust, full-bodied Junmai-shu with your choice depending upon whether we were carrying dim sum, noodles, curry or duck.Our a one preferred bites of a night included:Sweet-and-Sour Pork Ribs: Chef Zongxing Tus Shanghai-style ribs were lip-smackingly sticky exactly what we wantinhand-held street food.Jing Jiang Rou Si:Hailing from Northeastern China, Chef Jing Guans normal sauteed pork came with a toothsome honeyed bean salsa as well as a skinny piece of bean curd.Shrimp Toast: Chef Stephanie Izard topped her warm, homemadewhite bread with a citrusy shrimp mousse, completewith fermented vegetables as well as a fish salsa aioli.Quack upon Brioche: Chef Thomas Chen offset his tender duck confit sliders with a light daikon relish.Coconut Curry Red Snapper: Filled out with vermicelli noodles as well as uninformed herbs, Chef Soulayphet Schwaders aromatic fish soup was a idealisation definition of comfort.Liang Pi Cold-Skin Noodles: Tossed with bean sprouts as well as cucumbers, Chef Jason Wangs wheat-flour noodles were light, chewy as well as aromatic.Chicken Tikka Kati Roll: To go with this renouned street hang from Kolkata, Chef Anil Bathwal served crispy potato chips seasoned with a tangle of Indian spices.Shio Ramen Ochazuke: Guests lined upfor Chef Dave Potes signature mottainai ramen broth (fish, chicken as well as pork), spicedwith sansho pepper as well as ladledoversashimi as well as rice.More from a 2016 New York City Wine & Food Festival:Bobby as well as Michael Turned a Big Apple Into One Big Backyard BBQ during a New York City Wine & Food FestivalFood as well as Theater Take Center Stage during Broadway Tastes with Neil Patrick Harris as well as David BurtkaThe Stars Came Out as well as Gloves Came Off during Guys Food FightMidnight in Harlem: Jazz as well as Breakfast with Patti LaBelleRooftop Chopped Brought a Competition Even Closer to Fans during a New York City Wine & Food FestivalAyeshas Street Eats Proves That a Best Food in New York City Comes from a CartThe 10 Most-Comforting Fall Flavors We Tasted during Katie as well as Marcelas Harvest PartyThe 7 Best Things We Ate during Annes Aperitivo! Event during a New York City Wine & Food FestivalBurger Bash 2016 Winners: Davids Cafe as well as Black Tap Craft Burgers & BeerThe 9 Best Bites from Giadas Ultimate Italian Dinner during a New York City Wine & Food FestivalEverything We Couldnt Get Enough of during Chelsea Market LiveTacos & Tequila: The Peoples Food