Kohlrabi is a cruciferous vegetable, only similar to cabbage, broccoli as well as kale. This funny-looking unfeeling is about a distance as well as figure of an orange, with a bunch of leafy stems adhering out. It has a thick skin which can operation from dark immature to purplish, though a inside is always a really dark yellow. The leaves have been all succulent (the freshest kohlrabi will still have a leaves attached, which can be eaten tender or baked similar to any greens). The smaller bulbs lend towards to be more tender as well as flavorful, but a vast ones have been additionally excellent for in progress as well as eating. In ambience as well as texture, kohlrabi reminds me of peeled broccoli stems with a bit of peppery radish thrown in.Trim kohlrabi as well as peel it really thoroughly (you may need a pointy knife for this; a skin is utterly difficult as well as indigestible). Slice, julienne or grate it in to your salad or slaw for a good break as well as a uninformed but slightly sharp flavor. It additionally can be baked boiled, steamed, sauteed, roasted or fried. More mostly than not, however, we make use of it tender for its appealing amiable season as well as pronounced crispness. When shopping kohlrabi, select smaller, unblemished bulbs which have been heavy for their size; if a bulbs have leaves, cut them off, as well as store a bulbs as well as a leaves alone in plastic bags in a fridge for up to a week, or even a bit longer for a bulbs.Kohlrabi-Blue Cheese Slawfrom Food Network MagazineWarm Kohlrabi SaladSpinach, Radish, as well as Kohlrabi Salad with Preserved LemonsAsian Kohlrabi as well as Apple SlawKohlrabi Mash from Food Network MagazineKohlrabi, Green Cabbage, as well as Broccoli Rabe SlawHave we ever tasted kohlrabi? Let us know in a comments!