Coral worms, rectum sausage, tarantulas as well as grubs these have been only a couple of of a most-bizarre things Andrew Zimmern has ever eaten. Tonight upon Travel Channel (9|8c), Bizarre Foods earnings to television so Andrew can tell a food stories no a single else is revelation as well as eat a little bizarre food, of course. And for a single day only, AZ is taking a break from his travels to host a takeover upon Food Networks Snapchat Discover.The result: a food knowledge we wont want to miss. Andrew is pity even some-more of his most-bizarre cooking ever, what he loves to eat upon a road, as well as even his favorite recipes (things we can actually make during home). Even a most-seasoned traveler can learn a thing or two from Andrews must-have travel list.But act fast! This takeover will disappear from a Food Network Snapchat channel after 24 hours as well as be replaced with brand-new content (which we wont want to miss its about new purposes for your aged kitchen basics as well as a tools we never use!).New to Discover? Let us guide you. Open your Snapchat app, swipe right twice (past a camera as well as Stories page), as well as a tilefeaturing a white Food Network circle! Youll know it by a tasty food design in a background.