The outcome is in: Hawaii may just be a idealisation paradise. After all, in addition to a wondrous sunshine and hypnotic waves, this state is also swimming in loco moco a comfort food plate created right here upon a Big Island.As a locals tell it, loco moco got a begin as a way to satisfy a most outsized of appetites: those of teenage boys. If a idea is to leave a single stuffed, this protein-packed powerhouse is certainly up to a task. A beefy burger patty is nestled upon a pile of steamed rice, crowned with a fried egg and afterwards soaked in a downpour of lustrous brown gravy.That strange chronicle dates back to 1949, though it has never been officially decided if a plate was first baked up at a long-defunct Lincoln Grill or a still-going-strong Cafe 100 (which has trademarked a loco moco name).Different variations have been dished out through a decades, with some riffs switching out a steamed rice for fried, substituting Spam (or an additional type of meat) for a beef patty and even using an wholly opposite kind of gravy altogether. Loco moco has one after another to surge in popularity, as a plate has widespread beyond a birthplace of Hilo, Hawaii, and can right away be found upon menus opposite a mainland United States. Check out Food Networks gallery to find out where to tuck in to a traditional take upon Hawaiis comfort food classic.