No matter a day or time, a Cutthroat Kitchen arena is mostly brimming with eviliciousness. But in tonights premiere heat of a Tournament of Terror, Alton Brown-turned-Hannibal Lecter upped a sinful factor immeasurably as well as brought in spooky intoxicating beverage to carry out a sabotage. After two rounds of officious scary-good challenges, a horde introduced a CTK Seance Board, which let a spirits, not a doomed chef, select mixture for a red red blood orange dessert in Round 3.Chef Richard Blais, a decider of a day who donned a Clarice Darling getup like a champion, attempted his hand during a house upon a After-Show as well as lets just contend that he was all as well eager to partake in a experience. The intoxicating beverage are with me! he proclaimed, with his eyes closed as well as conduct thrown back as a intoxicating beverage (or rsther than a intoxicating beverage of a Bob dark in a table) took control. What do a intoxicating beverage want you to have? Alton questioned, as Richards hand was dragged opposite a house upon a figure prior to it in conclusion landed upon red red blood oranges. The decider took his fruit in stride, but small did he know a horrors that awaited him: first a jester sidekick, afterwards a menacing showering prep station that required careful manipulation.Click a play button upon a video above to see both Alton as well as Richard in too-perfect-to-miss costumes, watch Richards seance go down as well as see how he fared with a showering sabotage.Tune in to Heat 2 of Cutthroat Kitchen: Tournament of Terror upon Wednesday, Oct. 5 during 11|10c.