In a new Chopped tournament, 12 former Chopped champions have been getting a chance to go up opposite Bobby Flay in battle. In each round, four chefs compete to earn a mark in a finale, during a end of which a single single hold up will get a opportunity of a lifetime, to cook head-to-head opposite a Food Network great. With $40,000 upon a line, a stakes have been high, a pressure is upon as good as a cooks have been ready to uncover what theyve got. In Part 2, chefs Corey Morris, Heather Borden, Shania Thomas as good as Seis Kamimura cooked for their lives, though usually a single earned a win as good as a second mark in a tournaments finale.The BasketsAppetizer: tropical ripened offspring in a can, Delfino cilantro, abalone, Fresno peppers (Bobbys choice)Entree: total Alaskan king crab, purple snow peas, lemon icebox cake, corn nuts (Bobbys choice)Dessert: licorice-flavored liqueur, plums, cinnamon bun pancakes, creme fraiche (Bobbys choice)Elimination DetailsFirst round: Shania ThomasSecond round: Heather BordenFinal round: Corey MorrisWinner: Seis KamimuraJudges: Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Bobby FlaySeis came in to conflict with a idea in mind: to uncover off his Asian flavors, which he knows have been mostly unfamiliar to Bobby Flay. He paired which idea with consultant French technique in his three courses, starting off with an abalone croquette in a appetizer round. His greatest blunder was vouchsafing a abalone get lost in a croquette. Heading in to a snack round, he knew once he saw king crab which he wouldnt be making which same mistake. He let a individual basket mixture shine whilst creating a harmonious plate which a judges had mostly positive things to contend about; a usually minor indicate of contention was Bobbys wish which he would have used a corn nuts texturally. In a dessert round, Seis combined a plate which Bobby loves, a plum panna cotta with a pancake pulp which could have been a hold crisper. But taking in to account both chefs three courses, a judges found Seis to be superior. Seis leaves a Chopped Champion, earning a opportunity to conflict again in a finale, where hell go up opposite Part 1 leader Demetrio Zavala as good as subsequent weeks Part 3 winner. One of them will have a chance to conflict as good as possibly kick Bobby Flay.How does it feel to be behind upon Chopped?Seis Kamimura: Its kind of nerve-racking, though during a same time its exhilarating, since we know what were here for. Were here to compete opposite Bobby Flay, so which gives an additional pour out to it.How is it different for we this time being here?SK: we think, honestly, we felt there was less nerves, since we knew what to expect in terms of we should contend a resplendence as good as circumstance, only a approach a flow goes. So thats kind of a single of those things out of your head, all those X factors which we learned. Then we could unequivocally concentration upon a in progress aspect of it, so which was a tiny bit of a lovely shift in this round.Bobby hasnt competed here before. Do we consider which gives we an advantage, knowing your approach around a kitchen?SK: You know, thats a good question. Ive competed before, as good as he hasnt. we dont consider it matters to Chef Flay. Hes competed before, either its in a Chopped kitchen, as good as good athletes as good as good competitors will discuss it we it sometimes matters, though unequivocally its only about we as good as how we hope for for this matchup. Whether its in a Chopped kitchen [or] either its upon an Iron Chef stage, its competition.What did we consider of a baskets? Was there any ingredient which threw we off?SK: The abalone, even though Ive worked with it before. Its only a single of those things which youve got to do a tiny credentials to it, so a tiny of a traditional ways we didnt consider was enough, a tiny of it was too much, so which kinda threw me for a loop a tiny bit, as good as it was a single of a things we kind of missed out a tiny bit in terms of amounts.How did we settle upon a judgment for your entree, which a judges hardly critiqued?SK: Ive been fortunate sufficient as a chef to be means to work with a tiny good ingredients, as good as king crab is a single of them, so innately it becomes a personal thing. we dont similar to it dry, so, we know, we had it in shell, though we consider we go for plain season combinations which we consider all chefs would understand, as good as bouillabaisse was a initial thing, since we did sight during a French Culinary Institute as good as French food was in my background, so we felt similar to which was a good have make use of of of a tiny of a mixture which were there, as good as we thought which would be a good combination.What was a plate which we were a many unapproachable of today?SK: The plate we was many unapproachable of today was a entree. we felt which we took a critique from a initial turn . [In] a appetizer round, we think, many chefs [who have competed] will contend which its a crapshoot a tiny bit. You unequivocally dont we cant tell, since theres no indicate of reference, so once we was means to listen to a individual judges critiques as good as kind of what theyre meditative of, thats when we felt similar to we could have a tiny differences in a snack round.When we saw a dessert basket, what were a tiny of a ideas which came in to your head? Was panna cotta a single of a initial ones?SK: So, when we was seeking during a dessert, ice thickk cream is always upon a forefront, since Ive done it before, though we had a feeling which Chef Cory was starting to go with it, as good as afterwards we swapped out when we was seeking during it, right in to panna cotta, since we know its something which we can do, as good as Ive used a agar prior to in which kind of way.Do we have any strategy starting in to a finale? You may possibly face Bobby if it comes to that. How do we plan to kick him?SK: we consider a tiny of a strategy we have is only preparation. we havent unequivocally watched him compete in a long time, other than Iron Chef, which has been quite a while, so we need to start seeking during what his sensibilities are, what he favors . The judges have been fierce, as good as we consider they all have their likes as good as dislikes, as good as not which Im starting to fool around to each one, since we have to fool around to what we do, though theres things which people know we kind of dont do, similar to put a lot of tender onions or something, so we dont want to self-sabotage. You want to have sure, since any tiny inapplicable designation here is picked up as good as it will be dragged by a mud. So, we unequivocally only got to be careful.What do we consider we have which Bobby doesnt?SK: You know, everybodys got to consider they have a edge, though we consider we do, being Asian though additionally bargain technique upon a French side as good as doing things which have been newer, too. But Im starting to give it my all as good as have make use of of everything we have in my repertoire to have it happen.What would we do if we won, as good as what would we do with a prize money?SK: The prize money, its for my family. we cant state which enough. All which time which Ive outlayed away from them as good as working as good as not spending time with them, its a tiny sort of tiny satisfaction in a clarity of things, though thats what we would do, we would set up something for them for college or things which they need, since thats what we can do as a provider.Tune in for Part 3 of a Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay contest subsequent Thursday during 9|8c.