If youre worried that your ice thickk cream builder might outlay another year entertainment dust, well were not here to assuage your fears. You only dont need a fancy appurtenance to make super-satisfying ice thickk cream at home. These easy recipes typically rely on sweetened condensed divert as well as churned thickk cream to get that silky texture with exactly 0 churning. Here have been some recipes for classic flavors (and a few wild cards) to get we started.No-Churn Chocolate Ice CreamIt wouldnt be summer but chocolate ice thickk cream drizzling down your chin, right? Make this fan-favorite even better with almonds as well as marshmallows, chipotle chiles, or malted divert balls.No-Churn Vanilla Ice CreamThis ultra-classic flavor requires only four mixture to make, as well as its a perfect bottom for all kinds of mix-ins. Try jazzing up your collection with dejected cookies, lemon curd, or cinnamon breakfast cereal.No-Churn Strawberry Ice CreamFrozen strawberries have been key in this recipethawed, theyre ready to pulse in a blender right out of a bag, as well as we might find them to be even sweeter than uninformed berries. We similar to to mix this pink dessert withjelly doughnuts, yogurt-covered pretzels, or even sour balsamic vinegar.No-Churn Blueberry-Cheesecake Ice CreamFood Network Magazine folded homemade cheesecake bites as well as a beautiful blueberry sauce in to a vanilla bottom for severely devotedly attached dessert.No-Churn Avocado Ice CreamAvocado-flavored ice cream? You betcha! The splendid flavor is super-refreshing for summer. Sprinkle with a little flaky sea salt to make a dish even more sophisticated.Green Tea Ice Cream SandwichesMatcha powder gives this dessert its cheeky green hue. Press scoopsand raspberry jam in between mini sesame buns for an inventive snack that is, if we can keep yourself from simply diving in to a ice thickk cream ladle first.