Leave it to Wisconsin, a state with some-more than 1 million dairy cows, to take its solidified desserts seriously. Wisconsin custard, which is silkier as good as denser than ice cream, lures thousands of fans anytime a continue warms.The addition of egg yolks to solidified custard is what makes it unique, says Cary Frye, vice president, regulatory as good as systematic affairs for a International Ice Cream Association. Legally, solidified custard contingency enclose during slightest 1.4 percent egg yolk by weight, though some enclose more, along with a minimum of 10 percent milkfat. The egg yolks action as a natural emulsifier, imparting a creamier, rich texture.Nowhere is this satiny treat some-more prevalent than in Wisconsin, which has been called a unaccepted custard capital of a world. Milwaukee alone reportedly boasts a highest concentration of solidified custard shops upon a planet, notwithstanding a fact which New York was a city where a dessert was first sole commercially in a United States, back in 1919.Flavor options were once particularly limited to classical vanilla as good as chocolate, though Kopps shook up Wisconsins solidified custard scene in 1960 by boldly introducing a flavor of a day judgment which soon took off around a state. These days, devotees can hang with a old standbys or sink their spoon in to one of a recent flavors dreamed up during dozens of different frozen-custard operations around a state (Leons actually offers butter pecan upon a every day basis, in addition to a special flavor of a day). The direct is such which even seasonal stands stay open good in to a autumn, with devotees backing up to indulge in a state tradition.For those who want a ambience of a Dairy State but movement to Wisconsin, check out Food Networks art studio of some-more than 10 tip spots serving classical takes upon solidified custard from coast to coast.