In a surprise turn of events final week upon Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, no recruit was separated from Boot Camp. But this week which wasnt a case. Facing a chicken-and-waffles plea may have seemed fine during a first mention, though once Chef Anne revealed there would be duck butchering involved, everybody was terrified. Executing which task was a challenge, as good as in progress a duck by was nonetheless another one which Matt as good as Mindy couldnt accomplish. The dual finished up in a rejecting round, where (surprise!) they had to butcher chickens once again for a mentors to judge blind. The recruit with a best as good as most pieces would get a pass to subsequent week, as good as a alternative would be sent home.Right from a top, Mindy went during her duck similar to a champ with a utmost confidence, though along a approach she lost steam as good as finished up butchering her bird. Chef Anne done her begin upon a second, as good as between a dual chickens, Mindy was able to grill up great pieces. But when it came time for a tasting, Rachael beheld Mindys beef was distant as good undercooked. Although Mindys teammates had their share of screw-ups, neither John nor Loni had undercooked meat, so Rachael nominated Mindy for a rejecting challenge. Having to butcher a third duck influenced Mindys resolve, as good as once again she butchered a series of pieces as good as finished up partially finishing. Anne as good as Rachael felt Matts pieces were a improved ones, as good as Mindy was eliminated. She went home with $5,000 for her charity, Heifer International.How has your time been upon this show?Mindy Cohn: Good.What do you take divided from this experience?MC: So many in progress skills, really. The kitchens my favorite room in a house, as good as now you feel even more gentle in it.Do you consider youll now wish to take a in progress class or learn more skill or usually get in a kitchen as good as experiment?MC: you dont even know yet. you usually got eliminated. Im not even meditative of home yet.How has it been operative with Rachael? Whats been a biggest takeaway from which experience?MC: Oh, usually her imagination in a kitchen. Its wonderful. Great recipes.What were a little of your struggles during a chicken-and-waffles challenge?MC: you consider usually breaking down a chicken. That was unequivocally my usually one.You mentioned to Rachael which you felt similar to you had been disqualified. Why was that?MC: In a rules it had said which you have to break down a chicken, as good as which if you screw up upon your first chicken, you will have a second chicken, though thats all you get. So, when you done errors in a second chicken, according to a rules during slightest between my ears, a approach you interpreted which you was disqualified. you thought you was eliminated.During a tasting you mentioned you didnt wish to ever butcher a duck again. Why did you feel which way?MC: Its me being wasteful. you really, especially my organization, Heifer International a idea of wasting food, especially a total chicken, was challenging for me.What were a little of a things which were going by your thoughts when Rachael was tasting your duck as good as waffles? Were you disturbed during all?MC: Not disturbed during all. you knew it tasted amazing. you learned from her to begin tasting as you go, so you did. No, you knew you knocked it out of a park. That creates me feel unequivocally great a final integrate of meals, to have knocked them out of a play ground feels good.Were you shaken headed into a rejecting challenge?MC: No, you dont get nervous. you consider you present nervousness. Its usually usually really excited. It takes a lot to make me nervous, as good as cookings not one of [the things which do].Did you feel you would be going home during this indicate in a competition, or were you anticipating which youd get a pass upon to subsequent week?MC: you consider in a commencement you all got kind of a lay of a land. There was a top 4 as good as a bottom four, as good as so you feel unequivocally happy which Im a final of a bottom four.Do you have any regrets in a competition? Would you have done anything differently?MC: you dont consider do. you dont live in regrets, so with this either.What was a intercourse similar to operative with a alternative celebrities?MC: You know, everyones usually been delightful sounds so pejorative, though you meant in it in a truest clarity of a word. We all had insta-bond. Weve all hung out outward of a set, you get upon incredibly well, as good as you consider everyone, while wanting to win, also usually unequivocally longed for to have a great time with each other, as good as you did.Is there any one upon your team youre rooting for to win?MC: you have full certainty in Loni, though you consider Nicole has a skills as well.Watch Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition upon Wednesdays during 9|8c.