Do we emporium for groceries online? If so, we have been among a fast growing group of Americans. Fully 31 percent of U.S. adults as well as 45 percent of all Internet shoppers contend they have paid for food products online in a past 6 months, according to a Harris Poll consult conducted in June.Some groups have been some-more in to clicking their way to a full fridge than others. Not surprisingly, a direction is large with Millennials, 36 percent of whom emporium for groceries online. College grads (35 percent) have been some-more good to emporium online than those with a high propagandize preparation or reduction (26 percent). Parents (37 percent) emporium for groceries online during a aloft rate than people who do not have children (28 percent), which makes sum sense (many mouths plus time pressure).Location matters, too: City dwellers (38 percent) do their grocery shopping online in greater numbers than either suburban (30 percent) or farming (25 percent) shoppers, nonetheless which may, of course, be a matter of available services in further to cultural trends.Most online shoppers favor food purchases which have prolonged shelf lives or have been nonperishable (49 percent), a Harris Poll consult found. Shoppers also cite equipment which have been challenging to find (48 percent), easily shipped (39 percent), an object theyre not in a precipitate to make use of (32 percent) or something they similar to to keep a batch of during all times (31 percent). An impressive number of us (34 percent) have been peaceful to try new brands either familiar to us or not. Then again, 32 percent of online shoppers have been peaceful to buy customarily brands they already know as well as love.So have been we disappearing en masse to schlep to a grocery store, as well as instead make-up a pantries from a comfort of a office cubicles as well as kitchen mechanism cubbies? Will before bustling supermarket parking lots shortly be car-free ghost towns with old cosmetic grocery bags rolling across parched cement similar to tumbleweeds? Relax. Its not quite which dramatic yet.While 10 percent of Americans in ubiquitous as well as 29 percent of online food shoppers contend theyve transposed unchanging trips to a grocery store with online shopping, most (52 percent) online shoppers contend they customarily emporium online for something they have been unable to find during their internal supermarket. Twenty-four percent of us turn to online shopping when were running low upon a key item, Harris notes. Its pragmatic, people.And what about those who unequivocally only arent in to shopping for groceries online (you know who we are)? Most (59 percent) of them contend they cite to name their own fruits as well as vegetables, as well as 49 percent of them similar to to touch, smell, as well as see a dishes they purchase, according to a Brick Meets Click consult recently cited by Business Insider. Thirty-nine percent of those who decrease to emporium for groceries online contend they do so since they want to take advantage of special in-store deals, according to which survey.In other words, whilst online grocery shopping is definitely gaining ground, there continue to be a little for whom a judgment only hasnt quite clicked.Photo courtesy of iStock