While the small Cutthroat Kitchen sabotages require physical dexterity as well as downright flexibility (remember which hanging-doughnut buffet as well as the Double Dare-style obstacle course?), one sabotage in sold from tonights new part challenged the thoughts more than the body.On the After-Show, host Alton Brown explained the task to Sherry Yard, the guest of the day, by saying, We motionless to have Jenny lose all of her ingredients as well as get them back by solving pictographs. The challenge involved Chef Jenny shuffling by the deck of word-picture puzzles in an attempt to sound out the names as well as consequence the items, which the competitor in truth managed to do. When it was Sherrys turn to master the cards, the judge initially struggled over the definition of the designs, though with the small assistance from Alton, she held upon quickly.Want to fool around along? Click the fool around button upon the video above to watch Sherry work her way by the pictures, as well as join her in sounding out the potential meaning. See if we can guess the part which any card portrays.Tune in to the new part of Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesday at 9|8c.