Its tough to imagine which a universe was clamoring for blue booze whats wrong with red, white as well as rose? though a reputed default of demand hasnt stopped someone from making it. A organisation of someones, which is.Six 20-something Spanish entrepreneurs with no booze background launched what they say is a worlds first blue booze (and who will argue with them?) Gik with an eye toward revolutionizing a universe of booze with a blasphemous drink, according to a release.The sapphire-hued 11.5 ethanol by volume sip, which a makers say has an easy honeyed taste (the central tasting notes describe it as slightly acid, with a sudden cheerful, honeyed burst), compulsory two years of investigate to come to fruition. Production includes a routine in which red as well as white grapes, sourced from a accumulation of Spanish vineyards, have been combined to emanate a bottom to which organic pigments indigo, from grape skins, as well as anthocyanin, a plant-based compound have been added. It does not embody an aging process. The booze itself does not embody added sugar, though it does embody a noncaloric sweetener.As for how youre supposed to splash a stuff, it is endorsed which we enjoy it nicely chilled, though a makers say thats unequivocally up to you. Suggested pairings have been listed upon a winemakers anti-technical sheet: Sushi. Nachos with guacamole. Tzatziki sauce. Pasta carbonara. Smoked salmon. So kind of random.But then again so is blue wine.Photo courtesy of Gik