Blueberry season is in full swing. Though we can finagle the pint or dual year-round during the grocery store (at the price), there is zero quite similar to the ambience of these freshly picked, scarcely ripping summer beauties. If we can stop yourself from scarfing them down by the handful as is, go on as well as bake them in to summers most-showstopping treats, any one oozing with blueish-purple juice. Trust us,these recipes right here have been the desserts your pints of blueberries have been piningto become.Mash up dual sweet classics blueberry baked sweat bread as well as cheesecake for the rustic confection ripping with berry goodness: Food Network Magazines gorgeousBlueberry Cheesecake Galette(pictured above).Layer sweetened thickk cream cheese as well as aquick blueberry stuffing in buttery dough, afterwards bake until golden for the summertime treat we can slice as well as offer to the crowd.An old-fashioned blueberry muffin may well be the poster child of blueberry desserts, during least for breakfast as well as brunch purposes. Blended with sour thickk cream for added moistness, the beat for Ina GartensBlueberry Coffee Cake Muffinscan be made in allege as well as oven baked come brunch time.And yes, these muffins have been the dream with coffee (but that goes but saying).When it comes to Tyler Florences top-ratedLemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars, its all about texture. Youve got the base (a crispy-crunchy graham cracker crust), the creamy stuffing (lemony cheesecake) as well as the finishing touches: luscious blueberries as well as the sprinkling of powdered sugar.With over 300 sky-high reviews,Tylers fresh-from-the-ovenBlueberry Scones with Lemon Glazeare the ones to bake this summer. The beat is studded with the crater of blueberries, as well as the scones themselves have been accomplished with the bright lemon glaze.If we think making the baked sweat bread is always the project, were here to infer we wrong. This pretty4-Ingredient Blueberry Pietakes mere minutes to prep, but its certainly considerable enough to offer during the summer party.Combine luscious summer berries with another anniversary favorite stone ripened offspring for the ambience of Food Network Kitchens 5-star, easy-to-makeBlueberry as well as Nectarine Cobbler.Put fresh summer blueberries on the pedestal (literally) with The Pioneer Womans recipe forBillies Italian Cream Cake with Blueberries. Theplush layers of coconut baked sweat bread have been distant by fluffy coconut-pecan frosting as well as luscious blueberries.Get more impulse for fresh summer-fruit desserts right here.