Attention, fatphobic chocoholics: Researchers may have found a way to zap a fat content right out of chocolate literally.A organisation led by Rongjia Tao, a Temple University professor of production who has expertise in glass dynamics, has detected which a upsurge of chocolate in glass form (as it is during a manufacturing process) may be softened by running it by an electric field, to illustrate lowering a level of fat indispensable to make it flow.Chocolate customarily contains in between 40 as well as 60 percent fat, which is key to its ability to flow. But a members of Taos team, who published their findings, Electrorheology leads to healthier as well as tastier chocolate, in a Proceedings of a National Academy of Sciences, found which they could revoke which amount dramatically with a boost from an electrical charge. (The investigate was partly financed by a sweets builder Mars, a Associated Press reports.)This microstructure shift reduces a viscosity in a upsurge direction as well as enables us to revoke a fat level by 1020 percent, a researchers wrote in their investigate abstract. A new category of healthier as well as tastier chocolate should come soon.Healthier, sure. But tastier?The treated with colour chocolate has [a] smashing taste, Tao was quoted as observant in a Temple University headlines release. Some people even claim which a [electrorheology]-treated chocolate has a slightly stronger cocoa flavor, better than a original chocolate.Some food scientists have responded skeptically, observant which Taos organisation didnt actually investigate taste or texture.So its not transparent whether to record this a single under Its about time or Too great to be true. Guess well only have to wait as well as see as well as go with a flow.Photo courtesy of iStock