Cutting Boards Regardless of whether we use hardwood, bamboo, cosmetic or glass, the USDA recommends soaking all slicing play in hot, soapy water after any use, afterwards air-drying or blotting dry completely with paper towels. And if we haven't gotten the memo, keeping separate slicing play one for raw meats as good as fish as good as another for furnish or baked items additionally fights the spread of E. coli as good as the like. To mislay stains, try rubbing your board with the pulp of coarse salt as good as lemon juice. (This helps with odors, too.) For the occasional serious deep-clean, the USDA advises regulating the resolution of 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water (flood the surface, afterwards let stand for the few minutes). Rinse well, afterwards air-dry. Photo: Hans Neleman/Getty Images