From a solidified baking charge in a Mentor Challenge to an impromptu tiki celebration in a Star Challenge, a Food Network Star finalists were pressed for patience, time as well as entertaining this week. The play unfolded both in a kitchen as well as onstage, as well as it in conclusion concluded when Joy, a fan-favorite finalist, was sent home in an romantic elimination, whilst her teammate Ana was spared yet an additional week. There were strong performances, plenty of laughs as well as a little tears (and even shouts of "Tiki! Tiki!). And after a cameras stopped rolling, a on-set photographers prisoner what was going down behind a scenes. Browse a insider snapshots below to see what a finalists as well as a mentors were up to upon set this week, then check out more vehement photos from past episodes.Ready, Set, FreezeAs a finalists stormed a freezers to get their hands upon a solidified ingredients up for grabs, a cameraperson was stationed circuitously to capture a action.Bakers, BewareBoth Damiano as well as Erin, bakers by trade, weren't gratified with a mandate to use only solidified goods in their baked dishes.All SmilesLorraine Pascale as well as Bobby were visibly gratified with a opening they saw reveal prior to them.The Queen ReignsAs finalist after finalist failed to out-perform her, Tregaye one after another to be a superfluous champ of a game Bobby likened to "King of a Hill."FacepalmBobby couldn't help though cover his eyes whilst watching a proof unfold.Engaging a CrowdEven a guest of a tiki celebration were clapping as well as carrying a great time during Tregaye as well as Damiano's presentation.Related Reading:Top Moments of Episode 7Chatting with Joy, a LatestEliminated FinalistAlex Guarnaschelli's Latest Star ReportThis Week's Winning RecipesTune in to Food Network Star upon Sundays during 9|8c.