Anne Burrell is no stranger to a Cutthroat Kitchen arena, as shes both competed upon as well as judged this evilicious foe before. But a sabotages took a particularly diabolical turn for her tonight, when she returned to her post as a guest judge as well as after got to experience a few of a challenges for herself during a After-Show. No earlier did she take in horde Alton Browns custom cat condo did she feast her eyes upon an oversize shoe for shoofly pie. But which was really nothing, Alton Brown told her, as he rebuilt to unleash a distant trickier test which shed in conclusion be wearing. He gave Anne what he called fly vision, thanks to psychedelic goggles which severely warped her vision. They have you feel kind of drunk, Alton added.With a oddity specs snugly upon her head, Anne did her best to prep a bubbly beverage though a task wasnt without a challenges. This is hilarious, she admitted after knocking over a potion as well as attempting to feel her way around a prep station to land a tools she needed. Though she managed to fill up a shaker with a few liquors as well as even slice a grapefruit while under a influence of a googles, a genuine test came when it was time for her to pour a drink. Did we have any of which in a glass? she asked.Click a fool around button upon a video above to see what happened next, as well as watch as Anne attempted to bubbly beverage a bottle of bubbly to finish her cocktail.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesdays during 9|8c.