Go over store-bought candy this Halloween with something homemade. These honeyed treats have been festive, a small frightening, as well as undiluted for a Halloween celebration at home or your kiddos school. Make them some-more personal by packing one in your childs lunchbox as a scary surprise or creation them as an after-school provide upon a day of Halloween. Its a tasty way to get everyone into a Halloween spirit!Bat Cupcakes(pictured above)These lovable cupcakes have been double a honeyed treat. Snack upon a bat-shaped sugar cookie, afterwards dig into a vanilla cupcake.Bloody MilkshakesLittle vampires will adore these creepy milkshakes. To get a effect but a mess, youll pipe red jelly topping around a rim of a glass, afterwards hang it in a freezer for only long sufficient to blend a milkshake. Then flow a milkshake into a glass as well as serve.Pizza MummiesKids can assistance have these easy personal pizzas. Put out sauce, mozzarella strips as well as olives while they toast their bread. Then have them spread a small marinara salsa upon their cut as well as add a cheese as well as olives for eyes. Broil until a cheese melts, as well as serve.Ghost ToastsStart a festivities with a boo-tastic breakfast. These toasts have been a scary version of an egg-in-a-hole. Use a cookie cutter to have a themed hole, as well as egg whites for a undiluted ghost. Hot-sauce eyes add an additional kick.Truffle MonstersThese small guys have been almost as well lovable as well eat as well as super-simple to make. Refrigerate truffles done of pretzel sticks, cookie butter as well as cocoa powder. Then hurl them in immature sprinkles as well as add candy pearls for eyes.Frankenstein PopsGet creative with baked sweat bread pops: Coat halved Twinkies in immature icing, afterwards have use of black licorice for Frankensteins iconic bolts as well as black topping for his hair as well as lips. Candy eyes bring a pops to life.Ghost Crackers with Pumpkin HummusGo a healthier track with an easy anniversary hummus. Make a presentation spookier by baking wonton wrappers into spook shapes as well as adding eyes with an succulent marker.Scary StrawberriesChocolate-covered strawberries arent only a Valentines Day treat. Coated with white as well as immature chocolate, they become ghosts as well as ghouls for Halloween.Wicked Witch ConesBuild your ice thickk cream cone upside down to have a witchy dessert. Use a chocolate cookie as well as cone to have a witchs hat, as well as licorice candies for her face.Bat Wing Cheese BallsMake Tex-Mex-flavored cheese balls into tiny creatures. Simply hurl a finished cheese round in blue corn chips as well as refrigerate until firm. Then add pimentos for eyes as well as dual chips for wings.For even some-more Halloween snacks, check out Spooky Snacksfrom Food Network Magazine.