For Cutthroat Kitchen decider Richard Blais, there was no shortage of roller-coaster emotions as he attempted his hands or, rather, his tongs during not one but dual of a days sabotages during a After-Show. After host Alton Brown asked him to prep an everyday cobb salad, a decider was mostly pleased with a task. But in loyal Cutthroat fashion, a challenges didnt stop there. Why do you guys have to do this? Richard joked after being saddled with a duo of challenges. He was forced to lift mixed shopping bags upon both of his arms that sounds easy sufficient but afterwards instead of being means to use his hands to prep a salad, he was given salad tongs. And thats when a incident turned evilicious.The lettuce is going to be an issue, Richard remarkable after he deformed his mise en place of fresh avocado as well as grilled chicken. When it came to cracking as well as peeling a hard-boiled egg, he pronounced simply, Thats not fun during all. But once he schooled a simple technique of operative with tools upon tools, he couldnt help but feel unapproachable of himself. Now Im kind of abrasive it, he admitted, carrying successfully used tongs to reason a spoon as well as scoop out mustard for a bottom of his dressing. As he used a tongs to claw away chunks of bacon from a strips, he explained how downright diabolical this harm proved to be, calling it one of a toughest challenges hed seen. Once again, though, a disappointment didnt last long. By a time Richard combined a last of his ingredients to a salad, he admitted, Im feeling great about this. Sure enough, he was pleased with a last results.Click a play symbol upon a video above to watch a harm reveal as well as hear more from Alton as well as Richard.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesdays during 9|8c.