We understand that the transition from endlessly sunny summer days to cooler fall temps can be rough. Fortunately, weve additionally got the cure for summer nostalgia: crisp air, the friendly sweater, the roaring fire as well as one of these luxe warming cocktails.If you ask us, the uninformed lemon, orange as well as OJ in Bobby Flays Mulled Red Wine Sangria (pictured above) totally counts towards your daily recommended servings of fruit.To whip up Sunny Andersons Apple Toddy, usually simmer apple cider with the clove-studded orange as well as cinnamon sticks to infuse the cider with tasty notes of citrus as well as spice. Then drain it in to mugs as well as tip with the shot of brandy as well as the generous dollop of churned cream (hey, youre usually following directions).The Smoking Jacket. The name alone wraps you in the warm as well as friendly hug. To qualification one, have the homemade simple syrup with Lapsang Souchong tea as well as sugar. Combine the tablespoon of the syrup with scotch as well as allspice liqueur, afterwards add hot water, as well as the lemon slice for garnish. (Finally, sit back in your wing chair, as well as swap sips of the bubbly beverage with tokes off your antique pipe.)Why should the kids get to have all the fun? This Seriously Toasty Texas Hot Chocolate is for grown-ups only. White chocolate liqueur as well as peppermint schnapps edging the cinnamon-scented homemade hot chocolate to create the bubbly beverage thats the double treat.For the spicy take on the classic, try our Cranberry Toddy. Cranberry juice as well as cran-flavored vodka give it twice the puckery kick, whilst sugar as well as cinnamon lend sweetness.