Peaches, berries, corn, zucchiniour favorite flavors of summer are oh-so-fleeting. Find a best ways to carry them in to tumble as well as over with these techniques for preserving, freezing, pickling as well as more.FreezingNothing tastes as good as a peach, hiss or squish picked during a height of its season. Plus, thats generally when furnish is during its cheapest too. So its value a small prep work to have solidified summer furnish to use in cooler months.FruitStart by washing as well as thoroughly parching fruit. Berries can be solidified whole, though youll want to cut as well as mislay a pit of peaches, nectarines, plums as well as other mill fruits. Once a fruit is cleaned as well as prepped, place it upon a parchment-lined baking sheet in a single layer so a pieces arent touching, as well as cover loosely with plastic wrap. Freeze until solid (a couple of hours, or overnight), as well as afterwards send to a freezer bag. (Yes, we could jump over this final step as well as chuck all your sliced peaches in to one large bag, though afterwards it would freeze together in to a large brick instead of particular pieces.)VegetablesSome summer veggies, together with zucchini as well as immature beans, good from blanching before theyre frozen. Blanching not only helps maintain a vegetables vibrant color as well as texture, though also retains its nutrients.Blanching is also a inestimable additional step to take when freezing tomatoes since youll afterwards be able to simply mislay their skin after they take a quick asperse in prohibited water. For shaggy greens like chard as well as kale, we can elect to jump over a blanching routine altogether, though it does help them prepare down a bit so they store some-more easily.Canning & PreservingSure, canning does need some time, bid as well as special equipment. But once we know how to do it, its easy to whip up large batches of homemade jams, salsas, pickles as well as some-more we can keep in a cupboard andtuck in to whenever a craving strikes. So follow a step-by-step primer upon canning, pickling as well as preserving. Then get to work, as well as thank us come January when a farmers marketplace is seeking dour as well as we have a stash of preserves as well as pickles in a pantry.Salsa for CanningSpicy Tomato JamWatermelon Rind PicklesPlum Vanilla PreservesHomemade Tomato KetchupRefrigerator PicklesRefrigerator, or quick pickles help preserve a best flavors of summer but all a bid of canning. By submerging furnish in pickling glass as well as storing it in a refrigerator, it can final up to several months, depending upon a recipe.Refrigerator Pickles(pictured above)Kinda Sorta SoursHomemade Spicy Dill PicklesHeirloom Tomato Chow ChowPickled Green BeansReal Maraschino CherriesCompound Butter