If Cutthroat Kitchen has taught us anything, its to design a unexpected. And its a good thing were ready for anything: In tonights Heat 3 of a Time Warp Tournament, horde Alton Brown as well as guest judge Richard Blais shocked fans with over-the-top get-ups estimable of a 70s.Clad in a glossy human-sized disco round costume, Alton welcomed Richard, who donned his own costume of mixed-patterned tops as well as bell-bottom pants, and bold eyeliner as well as a wig, to a After-Show for a review of a days challenges. How hard is that? Richard asked jokingly as he took his place on a temporary dance floor, which was revealed as a Round 2 sabotage during a quiche test. But in loyal Cutthroat fashion, a plea indeed incited tricky, as Richard found out when he hooked his wrist through a weighted loop continuous to a disco ball. After you do a few disco moves to strech a prep station, Richard felt a weight of a plea literally as well as figuratively, that is as he worked on prepping his own plate of a day: crepes suzette.Meanwhile, Alton, ever a dutiful host, attempted to scurry about a kitchen to fetch tools as well as pans for Richard, though those tasks were anything though easy for Alton, as he was not only wearing a disco round though he was additionally strapped in a pair of height boots. Im coming, Richard, Alton exclaimed. Im hurrying. The horde did his most appropriate to make it behind to Richard prior to a categorical attraction of a judges work a discerning flambe to finish a sauce for his crepes as well as he was ultimately rewarded with a taste of a finished dish. We got a brule flavor, a horde spoken after sampling Richards orange-scented crepe.Click a play button on a video above to watch some-more of a reversion After-Show.Tune in to Heat 4 of a Cutthroat Kitchen: Time Warp Tournament on Wednesday during 9|8c.