If you haunt your farmers market looking for signs of spring, youre probably familiar with garlic scapes as well as broccoli rabetheyre some of a initial greens youll find. But scapes as well as rabe come in some-more varieties than garlic as well as broccoli. Heres a spare upon what they have been as well as what other varieties to look for.What Are Scapes?These shoots have been one of a initial edible greens to crop up in spring. Scapes have been simply flowering plant stalks which grow out of a bulbs of garlic, onions as well as leeks. At a tip of any is a tuber which will flowering plant if left unplucked. For eating, though, scapes have been picked when a green stalk is sturdy as well as a tuber is still a bulb. Scapes ambience like a alliums they grow from, as well as you can make make use of of them in places you would make make use of of chopped onion.How to Use ScapesTo cook scapes, remove a bulbs as well as make make use of of a stalks. Chop them finely as well as saute to soften. Add them to omelets or quiche, shell them in to a pesto or preserve them by pickling.What Is Rabe?Like scapes, rabe (also referred to as raab or rapini) is a outgrowth of some-more recognizable plants. Most greens, left to grow wild, will thrive as well as flower, turning in to rabe. At a finish of a harvest season, if plants like kale, broccoli, mustard as well as collard greens have been left in a field, theyll go to seed as well as sprout, even forming yellow flowers. That entire plant (including a leaves as well as flowers) is edible.How to Cook RabeOne of a easiest as well as most appropriate ways to cook any kind of rabe is to blanch it as well as then saute it in olive oil as well as garlic.Kerri-Ann Jenning is a registered dietitian who writes upon food as well as health trends. Find some-more of her work atkerriannjennings.comor follow her upon Twitter@kerriannrdorFacebook.