Martita, 39 (San Diego), showcased her talent upon Season 8 of Food Network Star. She began operative in her familys restaurant business during a young age, with her moms authentic Mexican home cooking inspiring her culinary passion. Martita's parents moved to a United States two years before she was born, as well as she credits them with her work ethic as well as perseverance.Martita attended a couple of semesters of culinary school, though many of her skills have been self-taught.She loves to entertain as well as cooks with loads of Mexican flavor!Describe your culinary POV in a single sentence. Martita Jara: we cook with a flavors of Mexico with a California twist.Who have been we many intimidated to be operative with, Bobby or Giada? MJ: Theyre both equal powerhouses to me. They both can be flattering intimidating. When we initial started operative with them we would all freak out each time they came around, though we feel much some-more comfortable with them now. But during a same time, theres regularly which we dont wish to defect them, we dont wish to let them down, generally Giada since she picked me for her team in Season 8, as well as we wish her to see which she didnt waste her collect upon me.If we could ask a single of them to teach we a single thing in a kitchen, what would it be? MJ: we adore how Giada does all so beautifully in a kitchen. Watching her cook is like, its just, shes unequivocally delicate as well as unequivocally elegant as well as beautiful in a kitchen, as well as we adore which about her.How did we prepare for this competition? MJ: Obviously we didnt know they were starting to do Comeback Kitchen, nobody did, though after Season 8, we knew some-more than ever. we realized when we got sent home which we wasnt quite ready for this job which we had to do a lot some-more work, as well as not so much in my food. we mean, youre regularly perplexing to do improved food, though we didnt get sent home for my food; my food, we regularly nailed it. Where we indispensable to work was my on-camera presentation. So, when we went home, we put myself in front of each camera which would have me. ... we took no-paying gigs, low-paying gigs. we took gigs where we had to fly in, pay for my own flight, pay to be there. we knew we had to get better, as well as a only way to do which was to get myself in front of each camera we could, as well as thats only what we did. Did morning shows, we did infomercials, we only wrapped my third season doing another uncover which we film in a summers upon OWN, upon Oprahs network. And so Ive been operative during this, as well as of course, similar to we said, we didnt know this opportunity was starting to come, though what we regularly contend is which theres no such thing as luck. You have to be rebuilt for when a opportunity comes, as well as we knew if we rebuilt myself which somehow an opportunity would present itself, as well as so we only kept preparing as well as preparing as well as preparing, as well as then when we got which call for Comeback Kitchen, we was like: "This is it. Yup, lets go."What a single thing do we unequivocally wish to convey to a mentors about who we are? MJ: Im starting to win. we wish them to see a fun Martita, we know, a warm, inviting, ardent lady which they know we am. we only couldnt uncover it upon camera since we was scared, terrified of a camera, though thats all gone. So theyre starting to see which warm, fun, ardent Latina; theyre starting to see it in me, as well as theyre starting to see it in my food, as well as theyre starting to taste it.Win or lose, what's something we wish to take divided from this contest? MJ: Well, we know what a outcome is starting to be, as well as what we will take divided from it is, we know, if we unequivocally wish something we have to work for it as well as we have to sacrifice, as well as it is not easy being divided from family, from desired ones. Two of my sisters have been carrying babies right now; Im not there in a hospital where Im supposed to be, as well as its a huge sacrifice. But we know its not for nothing, as well as we know Im starting to move it home for my family as well as say: "I won. You know, it was all value it." And we cant wait. we cant wait.Who's been your culinary mentor so far in life? MJ: we would contend my culinary mentor, my initial one, was definitely my mom as well as probably still is. You know, my mom doesnt do whim food by any means. Shes not trained during all, though we dont caring what she makes, it regularly tastes delicious since she does it with such love, as well as we consider theres adore in her hands, as well as we can taste it in a food. She taught me to do all from a unequivocally young age. ... Im a oldest of a four girls, so we grew up in a kitchen with my mother, as well as then when we was thirteen we non-stop our initial restaurant we non-stop up a small taco shop. So we grew up in a taco shops, as well as its been my whole life. Its unequivocally much a cultural thing. ... Im initial generation in this country, so for my mom it was, "I have to uncover we how to do these things since a single day youre starting to have to take caring of your own home, as well as youre starting to have to feed your husband as well as youre starting to have to feed your kids." You know, its which mentality, as well as theyre preparing we for whatever is starting to come later upon in your life. So, we need to know how to do this as well as we need to learn how to do this as well as we need all these things, as well as so my mother, as well as shes still training me those things each day.What's your greatest strength in a kitchen? MJ: My greatest ability in a kitchen is we know how to have it flavorful as well as delicious. we find which sometimes people have gorgeous food. It looks similar to a work of art, though if a flavor isnt there My greatest ability is which if we feed you, youre starting to ask for seconds. People regularly wish more. Hell yeah.What is a strangest thing we'd find in your fridge right now? MJ: we dont consider theres anything strange in there. ... Sometimes we consider we swear we contingency be half Italian since theres regularly salami, spicy salami, theres regularly cheeses. For lunch we literally have salami, cheese as well as grapes each day. So, youll find that.It's a unchanging Tuesday night during home. What have been we making for dinner? MJ: If we didnt have as well much of a prolonged day if we had a unequivocally prolonged day Im probably starting to collect up some takeout though if it wasnt as well prolonged of a day, it unequivocally depends upon what Im craving. we unequivocally cook for my gut: Whatever Im in a mood for, thats what were starting to have. So if Im craving pizza, were starting to have pizza. If Im craving tacos, were starting to have tacos. If Im craving enchiladas, were starting to have enchiladas. Im a unequivocally moody eater. Whatever Im in a mood for, thats what were eating. we dont caring whos entrance over, thats what were starting to eat.What do we consider to be your signature dish? MJ: My carnitas have been amazing. My beer-roasted carnitas have been amazing, as well as we regularly serve them with homemade tortillas flour tortillas as well as a salsa verde.What's your a a single preferred food city to visit? MJ: New York. Oh, my gosh, we wish to eat everything, as well as Ill tell we a single of a reasons since we adore eating in New York [is] since we travel everywhere, so we dont gain a pound. So, Im like: "Oh, we can have doughnuts since Im in New York. Its allowed. Im starting to travel 6 miles today, so its all allowed. Doughnut Plant, here we come."What dish or ingredient will we never catch we eating? MJ: Im not a big liver person. we never have been. I, if its rebuilt correctly, we will eat it. we consider a single of my greatest flaws is Im not allergic to anything, as well as we similar to everything, so we will eat anything, which we wish we was a single of those girls like: "Oh, no, no butter. we cant eat that. Oh, Im gluten intolerant." Girl, we will eat anything. Thats a big problem for me, though liver is not my a a single preferred thing in a world.What's your a a single preferred late-night snack? MJ: PopcornWhat's your guilty-pleasure food? MJ: There's regularly chocolate in my refrigerator. Always or we will hurt someone. Like, we will be upon a 6 oclock news. If we need my chocolate, we have to have my chocolate. But its good chocolate, so we dont know. we justify it. ... Its dark. There's antioxidants in it. we can justify which kind of chocolate.What is a single must-have dish during your last supper? MJ: That is a tough question. we consider pizza.What do we wish to contend about yourself to fans watching during home? MJ: You know, we wish to contend to them which youre eventually starting to see a real Martita since now Im not intimidated by a camera, as well as we can uncover we who we unequivocally am, as well as Im starting to win this, as well as youre starting to adore my show. Its starting to be a good show.Rapid fire: Think fast!Ketchup, grained mustard or mayonnaise? MustardChocolate or vanilla? ChocolateBagels or doughnuts? DoughnutsCream cheese or butter? ButterCoffee or tea? BothBurgers or hot dogs? BurgerFrench fries or onion rings? French friesWhite meat or dark? DarkCake or pie? CakeFrench toast or pancakes? French toastBeer or wine? 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