On the set of Camp Cutthroat 2: Altons Revenge, the harm incident proved to be the mixed bag for decider Antonia Lofaso. While she did find herself stuck in Alton Browns Big Foot, the foot which she shared with the host, she won the opportunity to improved her plea predestine after she bested the horde in an unpretentious rock-paper-scissors face-off. It was up to her to decide which animal-inspired slicing tool he would work with to prep the chopped salad, and ultimately she gave him the cat-claw gloves; the horde saddled her with the bird beak. And roughly immediately she satisfied the severity of the eviliciousness prior to her.I have to have use of my conduct in it? Antonia asked, meditative about the sharp-beaked appliance which would protrude from her face. we literally chose poorly. Sure enough, though, despite the plea which befell her, she settled into the rhythm slicing with the beak, managing to have the few cuts of lettuce and eventually the tomato. OK. we know what Im doing, she said, as she worked upon her dish. Meanwhile, clad in two claws, Alton didnt hold back from depredation his way through greens, even using the points to stalk the lettuce the la the flare and take the bite when he accomplished his country salad.Tune in to the third heat of Camp Cutthroat 2: Altons Revenge upon Wednesday at 10|9c.