When youre craving the tasty flavors as well as unique textures of summer grilling but youre short upon time (or we dont have the outside space for the grill), meet your summer hold up saver: the griddle pan. Grilling vegetables indoors will give them the same proposal quality as cooking them upon the grill, but the hassle of the setup or cleanup work.Easy to have in less than 30 minutes, Food Network Magazines Grilled Vegetables with Couscous as well as Yogurt Sauce (pictured above) is the good approach to use up those veggies we have sitting at home. Coat peppers, squish as well as earthy mushrooms with olive oil as well as the fresh spices of your preference prior to cooking them upon the griddle vessel until tender. The tasty mushrooms as well as the hearty squish have been sure to fill we up, while gripping the plate meat-free. Serve the veggies over the scoop of couscous with the garlicky yogurt sauce for the creamy as well as stuffing finish.Get the Recipe: Grilled Vegetables with Couscous as well as Yogurt Saucefrom Food Network MagazineMeatless Monday, an general movement, encourages people everywhere to cut beef the single day the week for personal as well as heavenly health. Browse some-more Meatless Monday recipes.