For Season 9, Worst Cooks in America has invited nine celebrities who cant prepare to take upon a hurdles of Boot Camp. Mentors Rachael Ray as good as Anne Burrell have lots upon store for these unsuspecting individual. In their every day lives theyre comics, TV actors as good as being stars, though when it comes to stepping in a kitchen, theyre disasters watchful to happen. Tune in to a premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. 14 during 9|8c to see a left-handed hilarity unfold. Every day leading up to a premiere, good be divulgence a star contestant upon FN Dish. Today its TV celebrity as good as business woman Kenya Moore.Kenya wears most hats as an actress, model, producer, author, director, radio celebrity as good as entrepreneur. She now stars in a Bravo array The Real Housewives of Atlanta as good as has appeared upon The Celebrity Apprentice. Originally from Detroit, a former psychology vital left Michigan with extreme drive as good as determination to build her own unique brand. After having been crowned Miss USA, Kenya went onto act to a single side most A-list celebrities. Now shes concerned in most commercial operation ventures including her production company, Moore Vision Media as good as her newest, Kenya Moore Hair Care. Kenya enjoys writing, traveling, hitting a gym, as good as never passes up an event to verbalise her mind, though a a single thing she hasnt had time for is cooking. So shes signed up to get whipped in to shape by Anne Burrell or Rachael Ray. Read upon to find out some-more about Kenya.How would we report your in progress style presently?You know we dont know if we have a style. we usually similar to anything thats rarely flavored, as good as Im a sauce queen. we adore anything with sauce.What done we pointer up for Worst Cooks? What do we devise to gain from this competition?Well, a obvious is we can win money for your charity, youre upon trial to win money for your charity, as good as we try to give behind at your convenience possible, as good as for me personally, we usually wish to become a better cook, as good as we am such a huge air blower of Rachael which when we heard she was involved, Im like, Sign me up. Im usually like, we fanned out immediately.Is there anything which makes we shaken about competing?It makes me shaken to be judged by people which we reason in such tall esteem similar to Rachael. To be judged by her, since shes my food idol, we know, as good as we usually adore all about her, her personality, how elementary she makes things look. Shes a sweet, honeyed woman, as good as shes southern, or we know, her roots are from a South, so we usually kind of brand with her there. So, yeah thats a little haughtiness wracking, since Im a fan.Besides Anne or Rachael, is there a chef or a food celebrity which we admire?Well, Emeril. we similar to Chef Bourdain too. we consider hes kind of ballsy as good as candid as good as we watch his travel uncover where he goes all around a world.After this competition, what in progress skill turn would we similar to to reach?Oh a highest. You know, Im very competitive, so for me if Im starting to be in it we wish to be here to win, as good as we wish to be here to be a most appropriate thats here.Have there been any unequivocally good or unequivocally bad cooks in your life? Do we consider which had an effect upon you?You know what, my grandmother, a single of my grandmothers. we had two grandmothers flourishing up. One was from Louisiana as good as a single was from Virginia. The a single from Louisiana, all was impeccable. Everything was rarely seasoned as good as dainty as good as usually Creole this as good as Cajun that, as good as my alternative parents mother from Virginia, we could usually close your eyes as good as all tasted a same. She didnt have use of any seasoning, it was usually food. So, no a single would ever gloat about her in progress ever.Is there something thats prevented we from removing in to a kitchen some-more or doing some-more cooking?My lifestyle. You know, Im usually a unequivocally bustling woman, Im a business woman initial as good as foremost. In addition to being a radio celebrity we run, similar to three or four businesses, as good as its usually time management. By a time we get home, we dont wish to outlay another two hours in a kitchen cooking. Thats since unequivocally a crockpot has become my most appropriate crony sometimes. Ill usually chuck things in a crockpot as good as put it upon 8 hours. By a time we come home we have a meal, as good as we dont have to be concerned about quick food as good as things similar to which or restaurants. we dont wish to be bothered.Whats your most-hated kitchen tool or appliance?I usually dont get along with knives. You know, we usually dont get along with dull knives, sharp knives, we usually dont get along with knives.What are a little of a foods we similar to to eat? Do we have a guilty wish food?I similar to anything sushi rolls, sashimi. we meant Im just, like, a sushi girl. we adore anything fish. Im unequivocally a pescatarian. So we dont similar to meat. we dont similar to steaks. we rarely similar to chicken. we consider anything with fish, lobster, crab my favorite.Is there something which wed never locate we eating?Chitlins. Chitterlings. Some people contend chitlins. You will not locate me dead with a chitlin anywhere nearby my mouth.If we could usually eat a single thing for a rest of your life, what would it be as good as why?Fish usually since we usually adore all a flavors as good as textures as good as a meatiness of it or a flakiness of it, how good it takes seasoning. So, yeah any fish.Whats a favorite plate we remember from your childhood?Macaroni as good as cheese.Whats a initial plate we schooled to make? How did it turn out?Probably hot dogs similar to everyone else. So, may be hot dogs? Thats all we can remember. Like, literally we bring to boil them first, as good as then we kind of grill them in a pan.What is a weirdest thing which wed find in your fridge if we were to open it today?Dog food. we have open cans of dog food. we dont eat it, though my dogs eat it.When we get in to a kitchen, what are a little of a things we cook? Do we have a signature dish?Spinach, salmon, potatoes.Whats a worst kitchen mess youve had or a worst plate youve made?At home we had to prepare something as good as we asked someone to fill a low fryer, as good as they filled a low fryer, as good as we put a duck in a low fryer to find out which they filled it with water. So a whole time we was thinking it was in progress in oil, though it finished up being water. So, which was a disaster.Whats a most-memorable plate which youve ever eaten? Tell us about a place, a people we were with as good as a plate we ate.You know, overtly we have had a little good food in my life. Theres a grill which we adore in California [called Mastros] as good as they have this shrimp, sauteed shrimp thingamajig. we dont know what they put in it since similar to we wish to usually come behind as good as usually eat it all a time. we cant stop eating it. But its sauteed shrimp, as good as it has these large pleasing pieces of bread as good as usually in this pleasing sauce. Its amazing. And then of course we finish it out with crab legs, as good as they have this pleasing garlic butter, as good as then for dessert they have this butter baked sweat bread which we have never tasted anything similar to this in your life. we would contend thats my pretty noted meal, since we have it all a time.Which gift are we competing for? What would it meant for we to hand them a check for $50,000 if we win?Habitat for Humanity. Putting so most people in a home. A lot of people take a liberties which we have for granted similar to food as good as shelter, though when people are replaced or they dont have money to stay in their home or there is a mess which happens, a natural disaster, theyre displaced, so we usually similar to a work which they do. They get in there with their own hands, volunteers, people donating lighting fixtures, plumbing things, we know, usually so people can have a home, so it would meant a lot.If we win Worst Cooks, how would we celebrate? Would we prepare a celebratory plate or go out to a restaurant?Oh, probably prepare a meal. Yeah, all a things we schooled upon a show.Watch Kenya Moore upon Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. Tune in to a premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. 14 during 9|8c.