3 of the Kind checks out three places opposite the nation to try something cool, new as well as delicious.Just like fashion trends, food trends infrequently follow the everything old is new again adage. Take the tuna melt, for example. This tried-and-true caf� classical is back in style, despite with the twist. Instead of serving the mayo-heavy tuna salads of the past, restaurants are reinventing the comfort food with stellar mixture as well as the small less of the creamy goop. The multiple makes for the stepped-up sandwich with the bit of nostalgia in any bite.Palace Diner, Biddeford, MaineGiven which farmers turned restaurateurs Chad Conley as well as Greg Mitchell place the priority upon exquisite ingredients, its no surprise which the tuna melt they offer has been reception commend given the caf� opened. In their take upon the classical comfort staple, the traditional tuna salad is sandwiched in between the covering of crunchy iceberg lettuce as well as the blanket of melted cheese. A commanding of homemade bread-and-butter pickles adds the small sweetness. Holding the sandwich together is thick-cut challah bread, which is griddled in butter to emanate the flaky crust.BOA Steakhouse, Santa MonicaDont expect your standard caf� tuna melt here. As with any other menu item during this California steakhouse, exacting care is put in to any component of the dish. For instance, the albacore tuna thats used is smoked in-house. Once ready, its churned with mayo, celery, salt, espelette pepper, lemon juice, red onion as well as tarragon. The resulting tuna salad is afterwards slathered upon sourdough bread, topped with melted Muenster cheese as well as finished with an oven-dried tomato as well as avocado.Hugos Frog Bar, ChicagoThough its an off-menu option, the tuna melt has become the popular sequence for diners in the know during this seafood-driven restaurant. The sandwich features the housemade albacore tuna salad smothered with bubbling cheddar cheese as well as finished with local Mighty Vine tomatoes as well as uninformed avocado. It all comes served in between two slices of freshly toasted wheat bread.Photos courtesy ofGreta Rybus, BOA Steakhouse as well as Hugos Frog Bar