To kick off this part of Food Network Star, we dive into the world of food hacks. A food "hack" is when we use the mechanism for the role alternative than for what it is intended. we feel similar to we all have the own food hacks during home, such as regulating an iron as the panini sandwich press or repurposing the booze bottle as the rolling pin. This challenge revolves around the single of the most-important skills for the food star: how to consider quickly upon your feet as well as be resourceful. My hack? Use the stovetop burner as the temporary appliance as well as char total bell peppers (on all sides). Peel the skin as well as toss the pepper with the small red booze vinegar, oregano as well as olive oil. Delicious. Sometimes we can have great food by "burning" it as well as making it your own, as well as sometimes, well, we usually get burned.(Check out some-more of my ideas for kitchen hacks above: rubber-banded pickle jars, floating eggs as well as others.)The deeper definition in this challenge? We all have stories, anecdotes as well as hold up experiences associated with in progress as well as eating. Those stories can duty similar to an aspiring food stars "hacks" when presenting as well as articulate about food! we always consider about my own story as well as indicate of perspective when articulate to viewers. Sharing your aberration is the most appropriate approach to connect. But there is additionally an art to it. Lets face it: If we watch Chopped, youre expected well wakeful which distant too most people have bread pudding as well as French toast in the dessert round. Contestants additionally overdo personification the "grandma card" as well as the "mom card" in their storytelling. Now dont get me wrong: we love my mother to pieces, as well as my grandmothers were amazing cooks. My Grandma Guarnaschelli would covering small tiny hand-rolled veal meatballs in every covering of her cheesy lasagna. Imagine which effervescent mozzarella as well as unearthing those small garlicky meatballs as well as tomato salsa underneath? Wow. My Grandma DiBenedetto (on my moms side) would glaze duck wings with marmalade as well as follow the plate with the simple bowl of developed blueberries as well as tawny New England vanilla ice cream. Biting into which crispy corner of the wing as well as getting usually the right amount of spice as well as sweetness from the marmalade? Shazam. Hungry yet? Yes. And thats my point. Family as well as food emanate the seductive combination: Family creates us want to cook, eat as well as down payment over food. If we cant do that, the channel gets altered as well as youre not the next Food Network Star.Both Bobby Flay as well as Giada De Laurentiis have judged me upon multiple occasions, as well as let me tell you: Its no walk in the park. Giada watches we with excitement, encouraging we to grin as well as share the most appropriate of yourself with viewers. She has mastered this during the top level, as well as when we disappoint, she customarily gives the single of her "Mama Bear" smiles as well as says the integrate of difference by slightly clenched teeth. A perfect example is her reply to Ana after the Star Challenge: "You hardly ever appear to get excited," Giada tells her. "I dont see which fire in you." Words of warning from Giada. She lets Ana know which she isnt vouchsafing the decider down; Ana is vouchsafing herself down. Even Jernard questions Anas choices when he exclaims, "What have been we we do with the wok during the tailgate party?!" Ouch. we would gamble money right there which Ana gets sent home for her low-energy presentation. Giada spares no prisoners with positivity. What about Bobby, we ask? Bobby usually stares intently, steely eyed as well as says very little. There have been dual signature "Bobby moves" to watch for. Exhibit A: He smiles as well as afterwards partially covers as well as lowers his eyes as well as shakes his head. Meaning? Something similar to "I may have enjoyed your talk, though your in progress didnt measure up, as well as even though we similar to your personality, we either have the small great food or strike the bricks." Exhibit B is the three-part move: The small as well as polite laugh, the small grin as well as the slight curtsy of the head. Uh oh. That's customarily his approach of saying, "Your food tasted great enough, though your stories as well as indicate of perspective have been not holding my attention in fact, who have been you?"Now which the field is narrowed, any slight mistake or debility from the contestant can be called the pattern. The patterns we see as well as question? Damiano whips up gnocchi for the camping trip(?!) as well as now creates an opulent Burrata panini for the tailgating party? Im certain of his in progress as well as indicate of view, though have been his dishes relatable in their context? So distant we am not convinced. Bobby doesnt consider Damianos sandwich has much flavor. Monterey finishes in progress her food in time though any raw chicken, though her display is the sight wreck. She offers the judges the beer(?!) as well as prompts guest decider Robert Irvine to ask, "Is there any impulse alternative than you're homesick for this dish?" Ouch. we would put her upon the probable chopping retard with Ana. They're dual of the strongest cooks in the competition, though they both need to manage time as well as amp up their energy! Erin is utterly starstruck by Robert. we dont consider we have ever seen the guest decider leave the finalist so flustered. What she calls "backyard brat bites" have been the strike with the judges, especially Bobby, who says outright, "Im the air blower of bratwurst." But its Robert who leaves Erin tripping over her sentences. we would put Erin somewhere in the upper middle of the pack during this point.Tregaye is the the single to beat. Her Mentor Challenge food hack, regulating the saute vessel as the beef racket to pound as well as squash meat, is spot-on. Even some-more spot-on? Telling viewers to channel someone theyre angry with when flattening meat. "Your father forgot your anniversary?!" she asks the shade as she slams the saute pan. Guest decider Katie Lee cracks up.Bobby additionally laughs wholeheartedly, as well as come the Star Challenge, the judges enjoy what Tregaye calls her "inside-out cheeseburger" to boot. The usually emanate for her this week: Her food is salty as well as the small heavy in the Mentor Challenge. we dont consider which matters much. Tregaye even gets stuck regulating prohibited dog buns for her burger as well as someway creates it out similar to she wants it which way! As Giada would say, "Never let 'em see we sweat." And Tregaye doesnt.Another clever contender? Jernard, aka the self-described "chef of love." Jernard is frustrated which he cant utterly lift all together as well as reach the high standard he set for himself. Jernard has the present of gab. When he starts glazing his tequila wings as well as says "Somebodys gonna have the baby tonight," Im all in upon his betrayal dinner. He channels his home hold up as well as uses it as his "hack" to help him relate to viewers. Brilliant. Effective.Rob, who is building his indicate of perspective as "a walk upon the wild side," takes the squalid as well as tasteless turkey dog for the high-speed ride; he wraps the dogs utterly in bacon as well as cooks them crispy all around. He bastes them with his signature base drink BBQ salsa saying plainly, "Not everyone creates BBQ salsa with soda, though we do."LOVE it. State your indicate of view, claim your domain as well as the next thing we know, we win the competition! Bobby loves which Rob takes the stance, though the decider is disappointed Rob doesnt share the BBQ salsa turn in his presentation. That BBQ salsa represents what is uniquely "Rob" about Rob. Its too distant along in the foe not to put it all out there. Bobby even describes him as having Guy Fieri-like qualities. Now thats high praise! Guy is by distant as well as divided the most-successful Food Network Star, as well as we consider Rob is the extensive cook who stands the outrageous possibility to win. The question is: Does Rob determine with me?Joy is an additional powerhouse. Week after week her presentations get stronger, some-more concise. we feel similar to Im starting to know this Southern gal as well as the smart home in progress she shares with us. She is which "breath of fresh air," as Robert says, with usually the smidgen of something comforting we have seen before. Her shrimp with jalapeno as well as pineapple slaw? Sign me up. My usually worry is which her tasty food can get heavy in the hurry. Her 4,000-ingredient crab dip with mayonnaise as well as green thickk cream as well as her mayonnaise-heavy slaw with shrimp have me wonder.When the smoke clears, Rob, Monterey as well as Ana have been up for elimination, as well as Monterey goes home. To allude to Giada: "Your energy is contagious. We usually need more-focused thoughts." That's where we come in. Maybe Star Salvation is which second possibility she needs to find it? Monterey joins Aaron as well as Yaku upon Star Salvation to face off for which second chance. Watch the ultimate part here.Want more? Catch up upon the rest ofAlex's Star Reports.