If a initial 3 weeks of Camp Cutthroat 2: Altons Revenge were any indication, anything can occur while chefs have been tucked away in a deep woods. And upon tonights brand new episode a fourth heat as great as a final preliminary conflict prior to next Wednesdays finale face-off it seems as if Richard Blais, a decider of a day, had prepared himself for a worst, as he showed up to camp outfitted with not only sunglasses as great as a hat, though a heavy-duty backpack as great as a fanny pack as well. You have been certainly rigged for adventure, Alton Brown told a decider during a After-Show. It turns out it was a great thing which Richard came dressed for a series of occasions, since Alton was quick to test a judges outside survival skills.Think of it as a wax museum of horror, Alton told Richard, introducing him to a couple of Heat 4 challenges. Sure, Richard saw a unresolved tent, as great as indeed he came face to face with a snacks-turned-grill-coals. But a main event which awaited him wasnt upon land it was in a H2O in a form of an ingredient track around a lake upon a Jet-Ski-towed sled.It feels a little weird, Alton, remarkable Richard, ever a great sport, after he plopped himself onto a sled. It didnt take Richard long to settle in to a sabotage, unresolved onto a handles with his conduct held high. I feel so alive right now! he yelled over a waves after successfully grabbing a initial bag of ingredients. Hed go upon to measure a couple of more, though in conclusion a single clearly simple request landed him in a lake. Punch it, Alton! Punch it! Richard yelled, as great as no sooner did Alton progress a speed of a Jet Ski did Richard clean out in a water.Click a play symbol upon a video above to watch all a movement reveal upon a lake.Tune in to a finale of Camp Cutthroat 2: Altons Revenge upon Wednesday, Sept. twenty-one at 10|9c.