For Season 9, Worst Cooks in America has invited nine celebrities who cant prepare to take upon a challenges of Boot Camp. Mentors Rachael Ray as well as Anne Burrell have lots in store for these unsuspecting individuals. In their daily lives, these celebrities have been comics, TV actors as well as being stars, though when it comes to a kitchen, theyre disasters watchful to happen. Tune in to a premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. fourteen during 9|8c to see a hilarious left-handed unfold. Every day heading up to a premiere, well be divulgence a star contestant upon FN Dish. Today its being star Mike The Situation Sorrentino.Mike The Situation Sorrentino rose to celebrity as a expel member of a being uncover Jersey Shore. Since afterwards hes spin a cultural icon. Mike has appeared upon Celebrity Big Brother (U.K.) as well as Season 11 of Dancing with a Stars. But after injuring his behind dancing, Mike lost himself to addiction. Fortunately, with a await of his family as well as friends, he sought assistance as well as found a road to recovery. Now a successful entrepreneur, Mike shares his personal story with colleges, associations, illness groups as well as his fans around a world. With his family Mike filmed their initial show, The Sorrentinos. Mike as well as his fiancee Lauren have appeared upon Marriage Boot Camp as well as Say Yes to a Dress. Lately, as Mike has been focusing some-more as well as some-more of his time upon exercise, hes been spending reduction time upon nutrition. He wants to sense how to prepare better so which he can live a full of health lifestyle. Hes sealed up to be churned in to culinary figure by Anne Burrell or Rachael Ray. Learn some-more about Mike.How would we describe your in progress character presently?Mike Sorrentino: My stream in progress character is basic, we guess.What finished we sign up for Worst Cooks? What do we plan to gain from this competition?MS: we figured which signing up for this particular foe would assistance me get acclimated to a kitchen again, sharpen my skills, urge anything which we need to urge upon as well as hopefully broaden my horizons for different styles of cooking, as well as we can prepare for my family as well as my beautiful girlfriend.Is there anything which creates we shaken about competing?MS: we dont similar to to lose, so which is substantially a only thing which would get me a little nervous, though Im a very confident chairman in general, so we similar to to be in a fight, we similar to to be in a heat of a battle. When a kitchen gets hot, we belong right there.Besides Anne or Rachael, is there a chef or a food personality we admire?MS: If we had to collect someone which we follow upon a weekly or monthly basis, we follow Steve Martorano, as well as Ive been to his restaurant in a past. It was delicious, as well as we similar to his message, which he always is delivering a positive summary keep being a most appropriate chairman we can be as well as Im unequivocally a large air blower of which type of stuff.After this competition, what in progress ability spin would we similar to to reach?MS: Well, Id similar to to urge my stream sill spin of cooking, though by no means am we a chef, as well as thats not gonna occur in a integrate weeks time, though for me to urge my ability spin so which we can prepare a great plate for my family as well as my girlfriend, thatd be great.Have there been any unequivocally great or unequivocally bad cooks in your life? Do we think which had an effect upon you?MS: My mother is a great cook, as well as thats flattering most where we got my bottom from. My hermit Frank is additionally a great cook, as well as afterwards thered substantially be myself. And my sister right right divided is actually perplexing to up her skills as we speak, as well as shes apropos a great prepare as well.Is there something thats prevented we from removing in to a kitchen some-more or you do some-more cooking?MS: Lately, Ive been unequivocally concentrating upon my fitness. So, a other half of fitness is nutrition, so Ive unequivocally been receiving a by-pass with cooking, since Ive been removing plate preps as well as people upon condition which a food for me, though it is cheaper, some-more efficient to prepare your own food.Whats your most-loved or most-hated kitchen tool or appliance?MS: Im not as well intimidated by as well most things, since we figure Ill in a future work them out myself . You know, when we walked through a kitchen as well as saw different machines which have been ostensible to chop up or grub up a little of a things, Im like, Oh, Ive never used which before, but, we know, theres a initial time for everything.What have been a little of a dishes we similar to to eat? Do we have a guilty-pleasure food?MS: we adore Italian food. we unequivocally do. Obviously my go-to would be a little sort of duck cutlet, as well as we can have so most things from duck cutlets: duck Parm, duck Marsala, so most things. So, thats unequivocally a go-to for me.Is there something which wed never locate we eating?MS: we dont think we would eat escargot, though Ive attempted most things. Ive attempted crocodile as well as frogs before, and, we know, it wasnt which bad.If we could eat only one thing for a rest of your life, what would it be as well as why?MS: we would have to contend if Im going to eat something for a rest of my life, it would substantially be pasta, since we can have pasta in so most different ways, as well as we would be happy since we adore Italian cooking.Whats a the one preferred plate we recollect from your childhood?MS: You know, what my mother used to make, so most great dishes. Im unequivocally a large air blower of her macaroni pie, which is only delicious, as well as she would have which each Fourth of July, which is my birthday. So, we know, Im a large air blower of that.Whats a initial plate we schooled to make? How did it spin out?MS: Probably a initial plate we schooled to have was a traditional duck cutlet.What is a weirdest thing which wed find in your fridge if we were to open it today?MS: Youd substantially find a little soppressata as well as cheese, though Ive been unequivocally full of health lately, so youll substantially locate a lot of protein drinks as well as nutritive drinks in my fridge.When we get in to a kitchen, what have been a little of a things we cook? Do we have a signature dish?MS: My signature plate is substantially everythings simple for me. we can prepare simple dishes which have been Italian. Im not a best, Im not a worst, though we can unequivocally get them done. You know, similar to we said before, duck Marsala, duck Parm, anything pasta. For a guy we hate to contend that, since there have been so most chefs which have been overwhelming though we think Im not bad.Whats a worst kitchen disaster youve had or a worst plate youve made?MS: we play it safe. If we know which we cant prepare it, Ill try to stay divided from it.Whats a most-memorable plate which youve ever eaten? Tell us about a place, a people we were with as well as a plate we ate.MS: My most-memorable eating experience. we adore eating, so each day is a memorable knowledge for me. Every meal, we look brazen to each meal. This week we havent been eating each dual hours, though we flattering most eat each dual hours. Not most people do which unless youre similar to a body builder or somebody perplexing to get in shape, so Im excited to eat each meal, as well as Id have to contend this final Memorial Day weekend, my family had this huge feast as well as Mom finished macaroni pie, [and] we had crab legs. It was a great barbecue, so, we know, everybody chipped in as well as cooked different things: soft-shell crab, shrimp cocktail, crab legs, burgers, prohibited dogs. It was great.Thinking of your competitors here, which of a other celebrities do we wish to take down?MS: Surprisingly, we similar to everyone. Everyone is so nice. They have their own little cold personality, as well as were all apropos friends, which is unequivocally cool. A lot of a time we meet contrary personalities as well as we know right divided which we dont similar to this person. You know right away. And it only didnt occur this time. So, we unequivocally goal a most appropriate for everyone. If they get eliminated, afterwards they get eliminated, unfortunately, though right right divided we similar to everyone. That could change tomorrow. You never know, though Im a flattering honest person, as well as right right divided everythings good.Which charity have been we competing for? What would it meant for we to hand them a check for $50,000 if we win?MS: Im you do this for a kids, St. Jude Childrens Hospital, as well as we would adore to only be able to assistance in any way. So, we know, kids have been a large partial of my motivation. we dont have a family only yet, in a future we will, though Im unequivocally looking to assistance a kids in any approach we can.If we won Worst Cooks, how would we celebrate?MS: You know what, if we win this competition, we substantially would go out to dinner, may be with my partner or family or both, as well as afterwards in a future we would surprise them as well as prepare something for them, as well as we would go to a gym a next day.Watch Mike The Situation Sorrentino upon Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. Tune in to a premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. fourteen during 9|8c.