The Food Network Star Season 11 winner, Eddie Jackson, co-hosts a new series Kids BBQ Championship, Mondays during 8|7c, with lifestyle expert Camila Alves. On a show, 8 talented young griddle masters contest for a possibility to win $20,000. Eddie as well as Camila not only lead a kids through a various grilling as well as grilling challenges, but additionally judge their dishes with a help of a third grilling-expert guest judge.When it comes to barbecue, Eddie has a wealth of knowledge. FN Dish recently caught up with a star to discuss about a uncover as well as his credentials in barbecue. Eddie additionally recalls a little of a fun experiences he as well as Camila had in coaching a young competitors, as well as he offers a few tips for grilling season.How did we initial get into grilling as well as grilling? What age were you, as well as do we have a great memory we could share?One of a initial things my dad taught me was how to barbecue, during a age of 12. The initial time we barbecued by myself was Sunday dinner during a football game, as well as we made hamburgers as well as hot dogs for a entire family.What or who inspires your cooking, grilling as well as barbecuing?Bobby Flay is my food mentor, as well as we have schooled from him, his techniques as well as a flavors he uses.Working with these kids upon Kids BBQ Championship, what impressed we most about them? Were we surprised by a little of a things we saw them do?The believe a kids have about food during such a young age was really impressive. The really initial day we were there, we saw Josie break down a total duck in about dual minutes.How did we enjoy hosting a show? What were a little of your favorite moments?I absolutely loved hosting a show. we am a kid fanatic, so putting food as well as kids together is a win-win for me. The creative things which a kids came up with were favorite moments. At which age, kids are already really imaginative, so to be means to see them entrance up with crazy things as well as execute them was pretty phenomenal.How was co-hosting with Camila Alves?Camilla as well as we immediately had a great vibe together. She is a great mom, as well as we have which coach mentality, so we think it was a perfect combo for us to horde this foe together.How often do we griddle or griddle during home?Considering my food truck is based around grilling as well as grilling every day!!What are a little of your go-to recipes upon a griddle or barbecue?Ginger Rum Ribs as well as Jerk Chicken.Is there a dish we cant live without?Ribs. we couldnt live but ribs.What would a menu be like during your house if we were hosting a backyard bash?Jerk Chicken Wings, Pulled Ginger Rum Ribs, Caribbean-style coleslaw as well as my dads important baked beans.Whats your favorite style of barbecue? Do we have a favorite beef to use for it?I dont have a favorite style. we just like to mix everything together, a little bit of any one. we love pork.What type of griddle do we use during home?Charcoal as well as wood, because it gives a better flavor.Could we give fans a few of your most-important grilling tips, whether its about environment up a charcoal barbecue, controlling a heat, getting a best flare upon a steak, etc.?1. To get a best flare upon a beef regardless of a grill, make certain which griddle is extremely hot before we put a beef on, as well as a beef needs to be room-temperature.2. Make certain which a coals are widespread evenly.3. Always douse your grates before putting food upon them.4. When grilling, as opposed to smoking, we need to keep a close eye upon a fire, because a beef is closer to a flame as well as flare-ups are inevitable.