From Dark Horse Wine Bet upon the Dark HorseWhen Chef Martin Rios advanced from Round 1 to Round 2 upon Beat Bobby Flaytonight, he took his place opposite Bobby Flay in the kitchen as well as rebuilt to do battle against him for the second time. It was only the few years ago that Martin battled Bobby upon Iron Chef America, where he lost to the Iron Chef. So its no surprise that Martin declared, This is it, as he stood face-to-face against Bobby. Since I lost to Bobby upon Iron Chef, Ive been waiting years for this redemption, he noted.With Martins collect of lobster Thermidor as the challenge plate finally revealed to Bobby, Round 2 kicked off, though the bit unusually. It didnt take long for Bobby to gather up his ingredients, grabbing equipment like sake as well as shiitake mushrooms that, while bold, were positively Asian as well as quite distinct the normal picks for the Thermidor. Martin, ever the dark-horse competitor with the single failed battle against Bobby at the behind of him, challenged himself to modernize the normal lobster Thermidor recipe, as well as for that, he told guest Anne Burrell, Im not starting to put it behind in the shell.It turns out that though Bobbys Asian-focused mixture were positively unconventional, the flavors they produced were impressive. Guest Martin Cantone admitted that Bobbys mushrooms were freakin good. Martins Thermidor sauced proved to be full of flavor too, though it additionally boasted an astonishing texture. Were starting to pierce it to the different level, Martin said simply. He shocked the guests when he broke out an aeration canister, which would gently froth his sauce. Thats starting to give me the really foamy though additionally really light as well as dainty Thermidor sauce, he explained. Even Bobby was wowed by the move, admitting, That would actually be the good idea, though I didnt think of it.Though the guys used every accessible second of their allotted 45 minutes to govern their lobster Thermidor offerings, they managed to complete their dishes upon time, as well as in conclusion it was up to 3 judges to decide the leader following the blind-taste test. Despite Martins tall hopes for redemption, the dark equine in conclusion fell to Bobby, who once again proved his culinary prowess by earning victory.Tune in toBeat Bobby Flayon Thursdays at 10|9c.Dark Horseis the collection of confidant wines crafted by radical winemaker Beth Liston, who all the time experiments with different grapes as well as new winemaking techniques to emanate well-developed wines that deliver the unexpected. Dark Horse offers seven varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Big Red Blend, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir as well as NEW Limited Release Ros.