Halloween is creeping around a corner, as well as this week end your favorite Food Network chefs have been pity their recipes for some spooky as well as honeyed treats as well as cozy joy food favorites. On Saturday morning, join Ree Drummond upon a ranch as she deep-fries cheesecake as well as whips up a garland of decadent honeyed treats. Down in Nashville, Trisha Yearwood is throwing a Mardi Gras-themed celebration as well as serving bite-sized versions of New Orleans classics. Then The Kitchens co-hosts have been creation spooky Halloween-themed recipes as well as creating last-minute, DIY food costumes. After that, Ayesha Curry is throwing a decadent brunch for her closest friends, as well as Valerie Bertinelli is scheming a fall-themed feast.On Sunday morning, Guy Fieris receiving some risks with his boiled duck recipe, Ina Garten as well as her husband, Jeffrey, have been getting a lesson in pizza making, as well as Nancy Fullers grandchildren have been baking cupcakes for a annual fairground competition. Then, Giada De Laurentiis is decorating her vital room as well as kitchen similar to a condemned house, as well as Bobby Flay as well as Sunny Anderson have been focusing upon a sweeter side of brunch.On Sunday night, Flavortown Market is hosting former finalists from Triple G tournaments to go head-to-head for a once-in-a-lifetime rematch as well as upon a culmination of Halloween Wars, a teams have been creation displays featuring a demonic wedding. Finish off a week end during Worst Bakers Boot Camp where a recruits have been baking 3D dog cakes.The Pioneer Woman: Crazy-Sweet Treats Saturday 10a|9cIts honeyed all a approach with a garland of mind-blowing funny treats for Rees latest blog post. Theres Super Smores Cupcakes as well as overwhelming Marbled Dipped Apples (pictured) which have been a culinary work of art. Next, shes raising a bar with Deep-Fried Cheesecake Bites, afterwards toasting a tasty line-up with a fizzy splash in amazing Hard Candy Shot Glasses.Trishas Southern Kitchen: Masquerade as well as Cocktails Saturday 10:30a|9:30cTrisha throws an no holds barred New Orleans-themed celebration for her friends. Her menu for a festivities facilities Beignets, Mini Crab Cakes as well as Cajun Tartar, Beefy Po Boy Bites, as well as an Ode to NOLA Cocktail. And, of course, no Mardi Gras celebration is finish but a coronet band parade!The Kitchen: Halloween Tricks as well as Treats Saturday 11a|10cThe Kitchen celebrates Halloween with Jeff Mauros scary Pumpkin-Crust Halloween Pizza, hosts a cakewalk with Pumpkin Cake Graveyard as a esteem as well as creates food celebration crafts which have been frightfully delicious. Then Geoffrey Zakarian creates his Candy Corn Float(pictured) as well as a squad creates final minute DIY food costumes. Food Network Star Kids winner Amber Kelley tops off a celebration by pity her honeyed Halloween Candy Fondue.Ayehsas Homemade: Girls Brunch Saturday 12|11cAs a mother of two, Ayesha doesnt get a lot of time alone, but her husband, Stephen, as well as a husbands of her tighten friends take all a kids for a day so a ladies can enjoy a decadent girls brunch. They start with a light Bloody Mary topped with Brown Sugar Bacon, afterwards hope for a Citrus Shrimp Salad, Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms as well as Spinach Feta Crescents together. To finish off a day of indulging, Ayesha surprises a girls with a twist upon her chocolatey childhood favorite, Skillet Smores.Valeries Home Cooking: Pumpkins, Sweets as well as Treats Saturday 12:30|11:30cValerie is celebrating a deteriorate with her sister-in-law as well as nephew by creating a take a break with falls bounty. The autumn-themed menu includes Butternut Squash as well as Arugula Pizza upon homemade pizza dough, Mini Caramel Apples, Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts(pictured) as well as Spiced Pumpkin Mochas.Guys Big Bite: Trust Me, Pickle-Fried Chicken Sunday 9a|8cHalloween is all about receiving risks, right? Guy brings a fun to his kitchen by creation Fried Chicken with Dill Salt as well as serving it with a Roasted Brussels Sprouts as well as Smoked Sweet Potato Salad, dual risks which compensate off in spades. Then, we cant have Halloween but sweets, so Guys got a Bourbon-Maple-Pecan Sundae thats all treat as well as no trick!Barefoot Contessa: Cooking for Jeffrey: Pizza Pronto Sunday 10:30a|9:30cIts a Barefoot backyard cooking adventure, as Inas husband, Jeffrey, takes a pizza-making class in a fanciful food truck! He learns to make a Great White Pizza with charred red onions as well as garlic ricotta, while Ina prepares a platter of Arugula with Prosciutto as well as Burrata as well as afterwards a Limoncello Ricotta Cheesecake for dessert.Sweet Smarts: Buzzworthy Treats Sunday 11a|10cDessert queen Elise Strachan does what she knows best, creating delicious, easy as well as buzzworthy treats which will get we baking as well as send your amicable media likes skyrocketing! She whips up a towering pancake cake which reveals a rainbow center, helps a business change up their everyday cupcakes with ingenious tricks, as well as creates a never-seen-before cake as well as ice thickk cream mash-up called a Pie Scream Cone.Farmhouse Rules: Sweet Times during a Fairground Sunday 11:30a|10:30cNancys grandchildren have been gearing up for a annual cupcake competition during a fair. She as well as her husband, David, have been hosting it in mental recall of Davids late father, as well as this will be a first year a grandkids have been participating. Nancy prepares some honeyed treats for a children, similar to Caramel-Dipped Local Apples with a toppings bar as well as homemade Pear as well as Plum Fruit Leather Rollups, afterwards helps them create their own Barnyard Vanilla Cupcakes which have been sure to bring home a blue ribbon!Giadas Holiday Handbook: Halloween Open House Sunday 12|11cGiada hosts a Halloween open residence for neighborhood trick-or-treaters as well as their parents. She decorates a vital room as well as kitchen to look similar to a condemned residence as well as creates a spooky menu for her guests which includes Coconut Bones, Green Chicken Finger Sandwiches, Witches Brooms (pictured) as well as Heres Looking during Boo Treats.Brunch @ Bobbys: Wake Up Your Sweet Tooth Sunday 12:30|11:30cBobby as well as Sunny tackle a honeyed side of brunch with Creme Brulee French Toast with Drunken Strawberries, Sunnys Sambal as well as Pineapple-Glazed Bacon, Blueberry Pancake Bites as well as Sparkling Iced Espresso.Guys Grocery Games: Ultimate GGG Rematch Sunday 8|7cIts a idealisation hate match when a top dual finalists from a biggest Triple G tournaments return for a once-in-a-lifetime head-to-head rematch. First, its French chef Stephane vs. maverick chef Chase in a Redemption Tournament redo. Next, Tournament of Champions finalists Crista as well as Phillip have to hope for a dish dynamic by refrigerator magnets. Finally, a Diners, Drive-Ins as well as Dives Tournament rematch pits poke master Reno opposite Carl The Cuban in a funny joy food competition upon a budget.Halloween Wars: Demonic Wedding Sunday 9|8cIts a offensive culmination of Halloween Wars! After receiving down a competition a single by one, a final dual teams made up of a pumpkin figure expert, cake artist as well as sugar artist go to conflict a single final time. The team which can best capture a scariest as well as most-demonic wedding ever illusory will be crowned Halloween Wars hold up as well as win $50,000. Actress Bitsie Tulloch, from a strike array Grimm, joins as special guest judge.Worst Bakers in America: Best In Show Sunday 10|9cOnly 4 recruits have been left, as well as theyre a single week divided from a possibility during winning $25,000, so its their final opportunity to stir Duff Goldman as well as Lorraine Pascale. The chefs challenge their recruits to show their believe of pastries, as well as with a help of YouTube star Ashley Adams, a recruits learn to make eclairs decorated in an animal design. Afterwars, a recruits discover which theyll be baking 3-D dog cakes based upon some undiluted puppy muses.