In a brand brand new contest Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, 3 chefs competed in rough rounds in order to benefit a mark in a finale, for a possibility to go up against a challenging competitor Bobby Flay. In a finish Seis was a cook to battle Bobby. Hed won $15,000 for only removing to which point, though to earn $25,000 more hed have to additionally kick Bobby. Both chefs would have to cook Seis preference of plate in this case bibimbap, a plate Bobby had formerly lost with upon his own show, Beat Bobby Flay. Find out if Seis was means to kick Bobby again, or if Bobby redeemed himself from final time.After an unusually prolonged 45-minute round filled with superb rival in progress as well as drama, Seis as well as Bobby constructed unequivocally opposite takes upon bibimbap. But after tasting both meals as well as deliberating upon flavor, presentation as well as creativity a 3 tenets of a Chopped kitchen a judges motionless to clout Seis. Bobby leaves an undefeated champion after competing upon Chopped for a first time.What was it similar to consistent two competitions in to a single contest in Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay?Bobby Flay: we dont regularly love mixing shows similar to that, though in this case it unequivocally worked, since they have a small engaging family in terms of how fierce a competitions are as well as theres arrange of layers of foe to get to a end, as well as so we thought it was a unequivocally nice play upon both of a shows combined.What was going through your thoughts when we found out youd be creation bibimbap in a final round?BF: You know, we similar to to eat bibimbap. Ive usually done bibimbap once, as well as we did it upon Beat Bobby Flay as well as we lost, though its unequivocally a single of a worlds good dishes.Was it strange, or may be a small uncomfortable, to be in progress in a brand brand new kitchen?BF: Yeah, well, which regularly creates it difficult, only guidance where everything is. Its not even about a ingredients; its more about Wheres a wooden [spoon] when we need it?Do we still get shaken doing these competitions?BF: we regularly get nervous. we get shaken each time we do it.How do we deal with it? Any pre-competition routine?BF: Once we begin removing in to a cooking, then we feel better, though right prior to we go, as well as we begin thinking about what we need to do, we get shaken each time.How do we feel we did with your dish?BF: we only knew which we longed for a rice to be baked correctly as well as a small bit crispy. we almost forgot a egg, which is a large part of a bibimbap. we think there was reduction than two mins to go as well as we remembered which we needed to fry an egg.The Chopped judges know we so well. Do we think which gave we a small bit of a leg up?BF: we dont think so. we think it actually put me during a disadvantage, since we think a Chopped judges are unequivocally proud of Chopped, as well as we think which in a small ways a Chopped champion [had] unequivocally a home-team advantage. Even though we all work together, we feel in a small ways they longed for to preserve a Chopped franchise.You sat among a judges panel for a integrate of rounds. Did we learn anything in a early rounds of a competition?BF: Well, we was keeping a unequivocally clever eye upon how a kitchen worked as well as functioned, since we knew which during a small indicate we was going to be up there myself.What do we have to say about your competitor, Seis?BF: we thought he was unequivocally good. He done a pleasing dish, though we used Beat Bobby Flay strategy, which is which if we have to have a plate which we dont have a lot of experience in, we have to ensure which when a judges taste it which they have tasty food in their mouth.Would we acquire Seis behind upon Beat Bobby Flay for a small rematch?BF: Oh, absolutely. For sure. Im open to going against anybody.Relive a Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay contest by browsing photos of a top moments as well as examination a disdainful lengthened final round.Interview by Maria Russo