we love a good festive cocktail! Short of adding a fiery sparkler, we wanted to make a single of a many darling as well as tasty red, white as well as blue beverages we could all serve during a 4th of Jul barbecues. And Ive found it.(FYI: Calories dont equate when we splash cocktails with friends. Lets make it a thing.)While margaritas have been usually some-more my speed, we find which mojitos have been a more-versatile pick as well as tend to be appreciated by all. Tequila is quite a polarizing liquor, as well as people have clever opinions upon it (and lets be real memories of bad practice in college with it), though rum as well as sugar as well as lime as well as packet is a a a single preferred roughly everywhere. Its milder. Not as edgy. A little friendlier. A touch lighter so we can have dual cocktails as well as still be able to travel home. You know?So what better approach to applaud summer than with a red, white as well as blue boozy glass? So much fruity flavor in a single splash these could not be some-more fun.The layers! We have strawberries for a red, classic white rum for a white as well as blueberries for a blue. Quite elementary though super delicious. Lots of lime as well as packet to give a normal mojito taste, with only a spirit of benevolence from a uninformed fruit. These have been SO delicious.The key to keeping them somewhat layered is to supplement your strawberries first, afterwards tons of dejected ice in a center. Blueberries go upon top, as well as guess what? You should all use solidified ones, since they have been a tasty as well as snack-y approach to keep your splash cold. Plus, they hold their figure well. Edible ice cubes, anyone?If needed, we could even make mocktail versions of these by regulating soft drink as well as lots of uninformed fruit juice. Everyone would only go wild!Red, White as well as Blue MojitosServes 212 to fifteen uninformed packet leaves, plus extra for topping5 ounces elementary syrup3 ounce white rum1 1/2 ounces of bar soda4 ounces uninformed lime juice6 strawberries, sliced1/2 crater blueberries (frozen or fresh)Lime wedges, for servingLots of dejected iceIn a bottom of a glasses, supplement 1 ounce of elementary syrup any as well as a few of a packet leaves. Muddle with a muddler. Add a lime cut to any glass.Add strawberries to any glass, afterwards fill with dejected ice three-quarters of a approach full. Top with blueberries. Pour your rum, a rest of a syrup, lime juice as well as bar soft drink over top. Mix with a long spoon or blade as well as serve with an one more sprig of mint.Jessica is a voice behind a blog How Sweet Eats. She can be found upon Instagram, Facebook, TwitterandPinterest, as well as shes upon Snapchat during howsweeteats.