Its not unusual for Cutthroat Kitchen challenges to direct which chefs think outside a culinary box when it comes to prepping as well as in progress their meals whilst underneath a weight of sabotages. After all, success in these contests comes to those who have been resourceful as well as peaceful to go to any lengths required to finish a conflict as well as horde Alton Brown did only which tonight.On a latest installment of a After-Show, following tonights Heat 3 of a Camp Cutthroat 2 tournament, he as well as decider Simon Majumdar found themselves with one palm apiece locked in a boulder, only like dual chefs were in Round 1 of a episode. That meant which whilst Simons solitary remaining palm was left to cook, Altons was upon palm to prep a cheese, bread as well as produce he found in his basket, afterwards ultimately turn a ingredients over to Simon. One loaf of bread, one knife as well as one palm how to slice in those conditions? If youre Alton, a answer is simple: Just lay upon a bread to keep it still. He in truth perched himself atop a loaf upon a prep table, leaving only sufficient of a bread exposed to make a few slices. And as for which tricky tomato? Gently suspend it in between your legs, of course. This is a very sensitive operation, Alton joked, taking care to keep a knife away from his exposed knees.Click a play button upon a video on top of to see what Alton as well as Simon prepared within their allotted time, as well as check out Altons impressive handy prep work underneath a pressures of sabotage.Tune in to Heat 4 of Camp Cutthroat 2: Altons Revenge upon Wednesday, Sept. fourteen at 10|9c.