There have been two kinds of people in this world: those who have a burgers (hovering over an open flame, flipping any one with critical skill as well as receiving all a credit) as well as those who devour them (with glee as well as zero regrets). For a former organisation of burger lovers, expanding your burger qualification is what summer is all about. Turnon a griddle as well as switch things up weve got a little surprising ways to better your burger game from here upon out.1. Reconsideryour meat mix.Your go-to, home-grilled burger might be made wholly of beef, though integrating another kind of meat for a some-more flavorful blend will have your subsequent collection neck as well as neck with a pros patties. TheUltimate Backyard Burger, for instance, calls for a blend of ground chuck, brisket as well as lamb for moist, juicy results.2.Stuffit good.Finishing off a burger with a great cut of cheese in a final moments upon a griddle works, though we often prefer Trisha Yearwoods technique. She stuffs any patty with cheese as well as grills it to gooey, fiery perfectionforCheese-Stuffed Burgers.3. Up a magnificence factor (sometimes).Burger fare may be typically reserved to an ambience of plastic tablecloths, purchased squeeze-bottle condiments as well as some-more infrequent vibes, though which doesnt meant they regularly have to be which way. Giada De LaurentiisProsciutto Lamb Burgerscome with an Italian twist, wrapped in prosciutto as well as topped with tomato as well as basil, as well as they have been so worldly they dont even need a bun.4.Dontlet a bun be an afterthought.The bun can have or mangle a burger one thats stale as well as unforgiving can shroud your perfectly baked action of greatness, whilst one thats plush as well as sticky accentuates each final bite. Pin down a bun component before you buy a alternative ingredients, or be similar to Marc Murphy as well as have homemade buns with cheddar as well as black pepper.5.Grill differently.A well-executed burger may not need most some-more than a great charto reach perfection, though Bobby FlaysCedar Planked Burgerone-ups a simple method. Cooking burgersovercedar planks imparts a complex, particular smokiness, proving a technique isnt only for salmon any longer.6.Feed a crowd a easy way.Not all acts of burger mass come to be with an open flame. In fact, a chefs in Food Network Kitchen redefined slider prep with an easy press-in-the-pan recipe,Beef Sliders for a Crowd. Becausetheres no need to form as well as prepare particular patties, its super-easy to crank out a ton of them all at once.7. Hold a beef.For those whothinka great burger starts as well as ends with beef, hold it right there. Switching up whats inside a bun allows for so most varying flavor as well as texture. Weve got tons of non-beef burger recipes, with patties bearing veggies (like Guy Fieris loaded recipe), seafood as well as some-more proof which great burgers dont have to stick totheir red-meat roots.Check out some-more burger recipes from our friends in #SummerSoiree:Feed Me Phoebe:Cauliflower Sweet Potato Burgers with Sriracha Aioli (Vegetarian Paleo)Napa Farmhouse 1885:Six Hamburger Recipes To Get You Through Summer (Two Are Vegetarian!)In Jennies Kitchen:Stuffed CheeseburgersHealthy Eats:Our Definitive Healthy-Burger ListElephants as well as a Coconut Trees:Beet as well as Oats Vegan BurgerCreative Culinary:Beef Burger with Homemade Guinness Irish Stout KetchupTaste with a Eyes:Open-Faced Swiss Burger with Flower SaladDevour: Meat Your Dream Burger with Our Grilling Personality Quiz