"Ana's demeanor is kind of loose as good as calm, as good as we have copiousness of people who have been stars upon a network who have arrange of which same level," Bobby Flayhas pronounced of Ana. Hmmm. While Ana competence be calm, things have been heating up in in between her as good as Tregaye. While we am never surprised during a frayed nerves, undercooked chickens or overbaked cookies, a tragedy in in between finalists here is running shockingly high!The Mentor Challenge: Take a classical plate as good as "[filter] it by your unique indicate of view," according to Bobby. we adore a plea which asks each finalist to put his or her personal "stamp," as Bobby says, upon an iconic plate like macaroni as good as cheese or lasagna.This is when a in progress as good as articulate have to distinguish we from your associate finalists.Jernard whips up a Philly cheesesteak as good as deep-fries outrageous rolls to have his sandwiches. Le sigh. It appears le adore chef loves le fryer. It additionally looks like a rolls will soak up about half a vat of oil in a process! Tregaye, a Philly gal, muses to herself which his bread (and entire sandwich) will expected be very soggy. And as Giada De Laurentiis binds her sandwich in a air, oil literally drips from it. Oof.Ana deftly veers divided from her Cuban roots as good as some-more toward Spain with a tomatoey romesco salsa for her lobster roll.For a time being, whilst Ana's presentations have been obviously strengthening, it's her good in progress which carries her by a rough spots of her learning curve. Is there any time left for mistakes? There have been usually 5 people left standing!Can she have up for lost ground in her sometimes ungainly as good as stretched food speak in time to win?Damiano creates a garland of grouchy faces, as if a frozen egg yolks (eek!) as good as frozen butter (omg!!) followed him from last week's pastry freezer challenge. Hatch chile enchiladas repurposed as good as filtered by a eyes of Mr. Italy?While a sage, duck as good as ricotta he enlists to execute his plate demeanour incredible, he frowns as good as pouts his approach by a process. we am not sure either we would shift a channel upon his exasperation or keep it to watch which stately duck cook. Curious dilemma: we adore Damiano, though he competence need a scoop of fresh strawberry gelato as good as a energy nap prior to he continues.Erin still seems somewhat lost with delicious cooking, as good as a jambalaya throws her off almost as most as a loco moco confuses Tregaye. The difference in in between them speaks volumes. Tregaye rallies with a loco moco "remix" (Whaaaaat?), whilst Erin hides somewhat timidly during a back of a hot dog as good as a little tasty-looking (and slightly al dente) jambalaya-flavored rice. Before Bobby even announces Tregaye as a winner, he additionally puts upon a serious pressure: "This is yoursto lose," he tells her with which signature steely-eyed stare.The Star Challenge? One of my all-time favorites: Guilty Pleasures. The 5 courses of a plate have been to be baked as good as judged individually by Trisha Yearwood as good as yours truly. What fun! Trisha loves to prepare as good as eat. She additionally has extraordinary star energy as good as is so real. While its critical to prepare good food upon Food Network, we have to compel an audience which can't taste a food to eat it. For me, Trisha's in progress show does that. On TV, we have been mostly usually as clever as your words, as good as a finalists have usually a single notation to present their decadent guilty-pleasure dish. Ana creates a pork contingent for a first march though doesn't wow with her food talk. Her pork dishes have been very considerable even if "a lot of bread," as Tregaye points out, is a complicated approach to proceed a meal. One of my all-time golden manners of cooking? Avoid creation a twin or trio, since a single partial of a plate will regularly be improved than a other(s).It's a sleazy slope. While there competence be a high point, we open yourself up to have a rest be a low point.Tregaye creates her very personal boiled scallops "Oscar" with corn sauce. Not a first time she has made a corn sauce. Does she have as good small a bandwidth, recipe-wise? Why repeat recipes? That said, a corn salsa was a best single flavor we tasted in all of a dishes. Damiano opts for squid ink pasta from Bologna which is transportive. we adore his personal tie as good as family story, though a descriptors he uses in his presentation receptive to advice a small hollow to me. What about a "funk" of a squid ink? What about a distinguished tone of a pasta? How about mentioning which a struggle to hurl his dough is value a delicious finish product? These competence be a little compelling aspects of a recipe for viewers, who competence want to re-create or eat it.Jernard creates a plate we competence pretension Filet Mignon with Everything One Might Ever Want, from Cheese to Bacon to Booze as good as gives us a Rated R+ presentation. Trisha as good as we loved Jernard's friendly side as good as a warmth he shows when articulate to viewers.He just has to have sure his warmth doesn't curve in to "steamy." There were as good most good ingredients as good as as good most seductive talk. we adore Jernard, though he ends up sounding muffled as good as confusing. He doesn't need all a bacon as good as a shtick. He's improved without it! Bobby says it best: "The a single thing we do not want to do is become a caricature of yourself."Erin creates a chocolate dessert (cookies as good as ganache) which really tastes like a blondie cake light upon chocolate. A good blondie? Totally! A decadent chocolate dessert? Alas, no. You competence not nonetheless know this about Giada, though if we promise her chocolate, we improved give it. Erin can't seem to accept which whilst her baking skills have been good as good as she is smart to have something she has done most times before, a plate just doesn't have a clever impact in a context of this meal. With Tregaye (again!) as good as Damiano during a tip of a shrinking heap, Erin is sent home as good as in to a heat of conflict for her second chance in Star Salvation.My painting this week is essentially an exercise, a test of how good these finalists have been conveying their culinary indicate of view. we read as good as clipped a food image for each finalist from a pages of a current emanate of Food Network Magazine. we figure a food "collage" is a good approach of clearing a little of a dirt as good as identifying a front-runners. It helps me.Does it assistance you?