If youre in Munich today, we gamble youve got a pretzel in a single palm as well as a beer stein in another (dont spill!). Its a initial day of Oktoberfest, a annual German legal holiday which proposed over 200 years ago as a royal marriage celebration. Cant have it to Bavaria this year? You can host an Oktoberfest-themed shindig at home with these recipes. Some buck tradition, but thats all right: They all go great with a cold beer.Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut(above)Sausage is a necessary Oktoberfest element, as well as Michael Symons brats have been super-savory after a slow cook with garlic as well as onions.Schnitzel SandwichesFood Network Magazine stuffed crispy duck cutlets (topped with pickles as well as mustard)into pretzel buns for a dish thats a completetaste of Oktoberfest in each bite.German Potato SaladBobby Flays recipe is deliciously tangy, thanks to lots of vinegar, mustard, onions as well as bacon we wont miss a mayo at all.Sauteed CabbageIf we arent in to sauerkrauts slippery, fermented texture, try Ina Gartens riff upon a cabbage-based side instead. Her sauteed recipe turns out sweet as well as proposal a welcome surprise to those who have been typically cabbage-averse.Soft PretzelsIt wouldnt be Oktoberfest without these chewy, salty twists. Food Network Magazines puffy pretzels have been perfect for dipping in sharp mustard.Herbed SpaetzleIf we think making buttery noodles from scratch is as well complicated, we havent tried this recipes genius hack: Push a easy-to-make dough by a colander to form a pieces. Sour cream as well as seltzer have a dish extra-pillowy.Gouda as well as Beer Fondue Bread BowlDip apples as well as pears in to this upscale turn upon beer cheese for a celebration snack thats both comforting as well as crisp.Beer Pretzel CaramelsFor dessert, follow Food Network Magazines lead: Take a most appropriate parts of Oktoberfest, cloak them in irresistible caramel as well as have sure we share with a friend.